8 Times Kim Seon Ho Made Us Fall for Him More Than His K-drama Characters Did

Admit it or not, Start-Up made us wish we have our own Han Ji Pyeong. Since then we couldn’t get enough of Kim Seon Ho, so to satisfy our needs for more KSH contents we dive into his other K-dramas (Laughter in Waikiki 2 and You Drive Me Crazy are a must!). Of course, aside from his acting, there’s also his variety show contents where we get to know the real him; and honestly, no matter how perfect and crush-worthy his fictional counterparts may seem, they are no match against the real deal. 

Here are eight times that KSH made our hearts flutter more than his K-drama characters did.  

When KSH looked this good

I mean, just look at him. Who wouldn’t, right? Major heart eyes for this guy.

When compliments made him this shy

Watch KSH go all shy and sheepishly grin (with those adorable dimples on display) in The Swoon‘s Compliment Me.

BTW, KSH deserves all the praises and compliments in the world.

When he nonchalantly cares

Can’t get over the scene from Start-Up when Han Ji Pyeong lowered the volume of the radio when Seo Dal Mi fell asleep in the passenger seat? It seems like KSH is naturally sweet and considerate when he is behind the wheel ust like in this HoRavi moment from 2 Days & 1 Night where he tells his dongsaeng to sleep so he can have a rest.

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When he sweetly interacts with other people

KSH has a great chemistry with his co-actors and co-workers (Remember how sweet and seemingly close he was with his makeup artist during one game in 2 Days & 1 Night?). This legendary KSH x Do Kyung Soo Interaction is one proof of that. KSH and DKS may have contended against each other to win a girl’s heart in 100 Days My Prince but when the cameras weren’t rolling, the two are this sweet with each other. Such cuties.

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When he is being playful

2 Days & 1 Night fans know that KSH’s love-hate relationship with DinDin always bring out his playful and mischievous side… which is a very cute sight to see.

When KSH shows how loving he is with his parents

2 Days & 1 Night gave us a glimpse of how KSH is as a son a couple of times. Remember when he excitedly told his mom that he’d be bringing home a box of strawberries that he’d won; or when he said his wish was to go fishing with his dad only to end up with his Yeon Jung Hoon hyung who stood as appa Kim’s substitute; or that very funny and sweet phone conversation he had with his dad? These truly show how much of a doting son he is.

When KSH opened up about his worries

It is never easy to show your vulnerable side, let alone show it to the whole world. KSH may have revealed in this moment that the life he lives is far from perfect, but in doing so we get to see him for who he truly is—from the things that made us adore him to those that he’d rather keep to himself—which made us love and support him even more.

When KSH wrote a song for us

Sorry not sorry, but I’m claiming this. What else could be sweeter than your favorite actor writing and singing a song for you, right?

*When was the time that you really fell for Kim Seon Ho? Feel free to pour your heart’s content in the comments section below.

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