The Things Mad for Each Other Taught Us

What do you get when you put one crazy character and another crazy character together? An even crazier story, but one that touches the heart. 

Mad for Each Other is about the simple yet beautiful story of two flawed people who unlikely found allies in each other. Their strange connection, which fatefully started with a false accusation due to the female lead’s paranoia and was worsen by the male lead’s anger management issue, was what healed the wounds that had burden their existence. 

Not only did we watch how fascinatingly powerful human connection is, we also learned some priceless life lessons that truly inspire. 

Here are some of the things that Mad for Each Other has taught us. 

1. Be yourself.

Mad for Each Other / Netflix

Do not ever be afraid to be who you truly are. Your life should be lived for you, for your happiness, for your peace of mind, and for your purpose. People are too busy with their own lives to care about what you do with yours; and those who choose to stick their noses in your business do not deserve even a bit of your attention. Remember, just do you.

2. There is a right time for everything.

Mad for Each Other / Netflix

The right time will come for you. Sometimes it will come at a moment when you least expect it, sometimes it will come later than you’d hope; but it will definitely come. No matter when it will, know that when it did it is always the right moment.

3. Running away is not the solution.

Mad for Each Other / Netflix

Looking the other way in hopes of your problem eventually disappearing is easier than actually facing them that’s why people tend to run away. But running away is just it—plainly running away. It can only give a temporary distance between you and your problem, but sooner or later whatever you are trying to escape from can catch up with you. Facing the problem head on may be daunting, but it is the sure way out.

4. Be kind.

Mad for Each Other / Netflix

It is human to show the world that everything in our life is going pretty smoothly and to appear like we’ve got things figured out; but in truth, everyone’s got a situation or two that are getting out of hand underneath all our desperate pretenses. Learn to be kind to everyone—all ages, genders, races, or walks of life—because you don’t know what they are going through. If everyone made the effort to be kind to one another and be more understanding, having to face even the most difficult challenges of life would be a bit more bearable.

5. “The pain caused by people are also healed by people.”

Mad for Each Other / Netflix

The sad truth is that most of the pain that humans can experience in their lifetime are caused by people. But, in more cases, people are also the ones who can help heal these wounds. They can be the ones who has caused them or someone who is very unexpected, but one thing is for sure, although human connection can be a scary thing, it can also make life worth living.

*What is the important lesson that you’ve learned from Mad for Each Other? Share them down below.

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