V’s LayoVer: Breaking Stereotypes, Silencing Commercialism, Going Beyond the Numbers

Kim Taehyung and V: A Satisfying Contradiction

He has a dream for music and arts, his soulful voice, and a dog. Sounds simple yet so vast. But, come to think of it—Kim Taehyung has always been full of different sides and surprises that we are all willing to witness and to ride on.

He brings us to out-of-this-world-shock with his visuals, but he’ll always take us back on our feet through his calming music and allowing us to have glimpses of his life: playing games, what’s his current playlist, and showing us a beautiful sunset. Who will not love these two totally opposite worlds? Amidst the adrenaline of upbeat songs that he’s mostly acquainted with his band, BTS, he’s given us solo tracks that can put us to sleep with the warmest comfort that we didn’t know we needed.

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And now, the time has finally come to witness an album that fully represents Kim Taehyung and BTS V as both passionate lovers of life and music. Layover, his debut album finally landed last September 8. It still feels like a dream writing it even after weeks of listening each track non-stop. Somebody, please pinch me. It is, however, a dream I will never want to end.

No-Skip Album

When Taehyung said in IU’s Palette that it’s pity that mostly, only the main track is being paid a lot of attention in an album and he wanted his not to be like that; I was nodding with so much pride. Because, h*ll yeah, Kim Taehyung, you’ve gifted us five songs which all deserve to be appreciated as equally as possible! Layover is a skipless album—a journey that I will surely take over and over again.

Vante in White Noises on Rainy Days

Surely, Rainy Days reflects his every day life—bonding with Yeontan (hello there, little actor, Rocky), creating arts, making things he enjoys and loves. I would dare to say that it’s an escape from his busy world of being an idol where spotlights are all-over him. On Rainy Days, his Vante side is totally exposed and amidst the white noises around him, one thing matters—his freedom to create while allowing himself to let time flow with the best company ever.

P.S. I am obsessed with his little rap in this song!

Blue, Blue, Blue, Vlue

Short but Impactful. That’s Blue for me. The sensual, repetitive blues are running on my mind that they successfully live there rent-free. With so much theories and stories coming up with its MV, I am still stuck on how his hairstyle and fit beautifully battled with the song’s melancholic feeling and aesthetic. He’s shown frustration, anger, desperation and surrender while suiting himself up with a rather strong outfit throughout this 2.5-minute song.

P.S. Rockstar, Actor Taehyung, when?

P.P.S.  The Blue NPOP performance with that deep voice as it approaches the stage colour switch has brought me into another world of musical contentment.

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Stop Pleading, “Love Me Again”

How dare he? How dare a Kim Taehyung asked to love him again? We’ve been loving him for so long and has pledged to do so, infinitely. Love Me Again, our first glimpse of Layover, has proved how a great performer Kim Taehyung is. With a mic carrying himself alone in a cave, we’ve been bewitched with his voice, effortlessly flowing smoothly as he brings us to his love to retro. His voice on Love Me Again shines brighter than any glitter on his outfits and surely has echoed in every curve of our musical caves.

P.S. How satisfying it is to watch and listen to Taeyhung singing live, delivering every emotion from each song.

In His World, We Slow Dancing

Slow Dancing MV rips us between artificial and slow life; and juggles us between science and nature. It gives us the freedom to be the creators of our lives—whatever extent it is, no matter how people judge it. Imagine how many different reactions are there during and after watching the main track’s MV. We might not need to fully grasp its message but one thing for sure—we can live in our own worlds where we are all the Kings and Queens, romancing the simplicity of life.

Taehyung said that Slow Dancing reflects himself. In this sense, I would gladly join his slow life, patiently appreciating his journey of showing and discovering his rawest love to music.

P.S. The one-minute appreciation to pure instrument is a Universe’s gift that has been highly complemented with free dance break with Slow Dancing stages. The smiles of Taehyung and all the dancers and musicians in every performance are priceless.

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The Best Shot For Us

My Bias song. There, I said it. It did hit a beautiful listening note right through my chest the first time I heard it. The “ohhhhh, I wish I could stay with you” line of Taehyung brings back different emotions of longing. And when the MV was released, the line of “that we gave it our best shot” has made more sense. For Us revolves a relationship—whichever you may define it. As a fan of his music, it will always be a patient bond between Taehyung and his loyal crews who’ll cross mountains and seas, and even different universe until we can say with no regrets: “we gave our best shot”.

For Us is an epilogue that somehow doesn’t close a chapter but makes me want to see Taehyung’s next song as soon as possible—but will never move on from the Layover era.

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Timeless Album That Breaks The Call of Commercialism

Music needs to earn. Song needs to be sold. When it did, it can easily be tagged as successful. While Layover surely did that, its success is beyond the value of commercialism. Despite going beyond the stereotypes of K-pop songs these days that are bound to be replicated in social media video challenges, Layover has successfully embraced and owned the genres that the artist, Kim Taehyung, is completely fond of and has never been shy to say it. A brave and risky move to release songs going against the mainstream flow. All worth it. Kim Taehyung is a genre-destroyer after all—whose music will be listened in multiple generations.

Soulful Words And Memories That No Numbers Can Equate

I need this album in a vinyl and versions of Slow Dancing that highlight the beauty of multiple instruments—not for the pleasure of breaking and making records on any musical charts, but for the pleasure of my musical soul. Qualitative opinions may be biased. But, are all the numbers on the popular charts 100% transparent and credible? Records come and go, but memories of happy tears after listening to an album stay forever. Undoubtedly, Layover is an album that Kim Taehyung and lovers of music can carry with so much pride and happiness.

It allows us to savour a moment to absorb what a good music is; with authentic simplicity and full of details, hitting the perfect spots of audiences. It is classy, chill, popping of emotions and definitely not one-linear musical journey.

It’s a layover in between can-be-draining musical flights. It’s a break that we all need when everything sounds repetitive and tiring. Layover is a gift that makes me both feel satisfied and a little bit greedier of wanting more. I am looking forward to listening to songs made by composer Kim Taehyung because I am a sucker for his lyrics that he’s been teasing us for several years now. When is this next journey?

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8 thoughts on “V’s LayoVer: Breaking Stereotypes, Silencing Commercialism, Going Beyond the Numbers

  1. Appreciate your thoughtful review. It expresses my sentiments exactly why I love all of V’s songs from Layover and can’t stop listening to it.

  2. La persona que escribió esto es el sentimiento de cada uno ď nosotros que tuvo el privilegio de escuchar y acompañar a V en esta travesía. Agradezco a este arista por existir en el mundo de la música, su arte es único, es mágico y te llena de encantos.

  3. Que texto maravilhoso. Reflete o que muitos de nós sentimos ao ouvir Layover. Músicas atemporais e cheias de sentimentos profundos e calmos, reais, nos transportando para um lugar leve e cheio de sorrisos. Merece de verdade um Grammy não concorda? Que venha mais. V é um grande artista, uma voz gigante.

  4. Thank you. Taehyung is extraordinary in so many ways. He is a gem of a human. Layover is incredible. His voice, his sincerity, uniqueness and genuineness are captivating. I am Tae Crew for life and Layover is on repeat along with all his other songs. His voice soothes me and yet excites me, he makes me feel like I have a best friend in him, like I have that hug, that shoulder to lean on. Borahae

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