EXO Lyrics for When You Need Instagram Caption

When emojis can’t quite cover what you want to say and you worry your words might express too much, here are some lines from EXO’s songs that suit just right as captions for your Instagram posts.

Shawty, Imma party ’til the sun down

Song: Love Me Right

For that photo of you at a party where you feel that no amount of booze can knock you down

Shimmie, shimmie, Ko Ko Bop, I think I like it

Song: Ko Ko Bop

For that edited photo with psychedelic aesthetic

I want you, I want you, want you

Song: Obsession

For that photo of a delicious food you’ve been craving for ages which you took a snapshot of before finally taking that first bite 

Careless, careless
Shoot anonymous, anonymous
Heartless, mindless
No one, who care about me?

Song: MAMA 

For that photo of you with a black hoodie over your head

Flying up, flying, flying up 
That’s what you’re doing to me

Song: Cloud 9

For that photo of your mood booster

So lucky, my love
So lucky to have you
So lucky to be your love, I am

Song: Lucky

For that photo of your ultra-adorable pet that is looking lovingly right into your soul

Good feels bad, bad feels good /
Wrong feels right, right feels wrong

Song: Trouble 

For that photo of all your favorite junk foods that you are about to munch on 

That’s right, my type

Song: Monster 

For that photo of your ult bias with all his/her beauty and glory

I can’t believe~ 

Song: Tempo

For that photo of something that is so unbelievable it needs this intro in Chen’s voice

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Song: Wolf 

For that legendary exo-related photo that is as legendary as this line 

*Got EXO lyrics that are perfect as Instagram captions? Share them in the comment section below.

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