BTS V’s Vintage Musical Soul Touches ‘Our Beloved Summer’ OST ‘Christmas Tree’

Welcoming Christmas in 2021 just became even better after listening to a new song by Kim Taehyung, also known as BTS V. When most of us were about to play the mainstream Christmas songs non-stop in this festive season, BTS V decided to drop Christmas Tree to add in our playlists—not only to listen during this season but anytime we crave for his endearing voice, every time we somehow need a hug through his song. This 3.5-minute piece is one of the official sound tracks of the Korean drama, Our Beloved Summer, starring Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik.

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V, showing his musical talent and soul in this OST, has left us—yet again—with tears and too many beautiful emotions after hearing its full version few hours before Christmas day.

Well, let’s embrace Christmas Tree all over again just like the first time we heard it with all these highlights that certainly made it to the list of another masterpiece delivered by Taehyung.

Vinyl in the beginning of the MV

A song by Kim Taehyung, playing in vinyl? Sign me up, quick! That opening frame of Christmas Tree’s MV instantly and delicately wrapped up the vintage emotion flowing through V’s voice. Setting up our musical journey with the old but gold tone as V started singing with “In this moment I see you” can’t get any warmer and comforting, especially if you’re feeling the cold breeze of winter.

The Lyrics

Language barrier has truly been shut down in terms of creating music. And this screams through the continuous popularity of the Korean music in the international market. V’s Christmas Tree, though we thought would be a full-length English OST just like Itaewon Class’ Sweet Night, has put us into surprise and appreciation for including a Korean touch in Verse 2. Just look how short yet impactful this part is.

Do you know this

There’s a side of you that only I know

Like the first snow of a midsummer night

You’re a miraculous and amazing moment

Someday in the wind even if my heart flies, I will wait for you.

Of course, the same sentiment goes equally to how every lyric of the song is fervently curated.

Taehyung’s Vintage Voice

Nam Hye Seung and Kim Kyung Hee dedicated their musical artistry for Christmas Tree, thinking how BTS V would perfectly be fitting with its lyrics and melody. All credits go to them for thoughtfully matching the fresh yet vintage vibe and tune with Taehyung’s distinctive antique and full-of-emotions voice. It’s not only that deep and persuasive tone that reflects the beauty of the song, but the flawless mix of Taehyung’s wide-range vocal ability that gives Christmas Tree its well-deserved privilege to be in our on repeat playlist.

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Beyond the Numbers

The success of a song is typically measured—whether we entirely like it or not—by its numbers, including sales, streams, and among others. Christmas Tree delivered in all aspects, breaking and creating new records left and right despite the highly competitive time when it’s released.

But beyond these numbers, Christmas Tree has already won our hearts immediately after we first heard it in the drama, leaving us with so much anticipation to hear the full version. Bits by bits, we somehow created an instant masterpiece because we knew it will be addicting that is worth of every second, and seductive that it’s an inevitable pleasure to our ears. Good news for us, Christmas Tree has gone beyond to every expectation we set because after finally listening it fully, it just gives another sort of inimitable comfort that no figures can even appraise.

How many times have you listened to Christmas Tree? Which line speaks to you the most? Share it in the comment section below.

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