10 IU x V Dramas We Desperately Need After Watching ‘Love Wins All’ MV

The chemistry is chemistrying—and it’s only an over five-minute long music video. Love Wins All MV, starring IU and Kim Taehyung (BTS V) dropped on January 24 and left too-hard-to-handle emotional damages. With their eyes and gestures, exploding a lot of emotions and brought us to a pit of too many questions about love, these two leads are definitely more than ready to star in dramas. And with Love Wins All music video, leaving many broken hearts, we are in badly in need of romcom dramas with all happy endings to recover—16 episodes each, minimum.

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Every scene is cinematic and too many stories to uncover. But, here are 10 of the many possible dramas that IU and Kim Taehyung (yes, we need you to comeback as an actor!) can confidently star in and give us all the sweetness in different universes to salvage the wrenching hearts from watching Love Wins All MV.

A Noona RomCom Drama

Show us something more adorable than this clip.

Two die-hard fans of Apocalypse Movies on Their Wedding

They met in a premiere night of an apocalypse movie, got along well and brought their passion on their apocalypse-themed wedding. A story of a little or no angst—just pure bliss of falling in love.

A Historical/Vintage Drama

The colour palette in this scene has kept me thinking how vintage vibe adores Taehyung as much as he adores vintage. And with IU, we know how the queen can slay any genre. And think of those times like in Chicago Typewriter and in Mr. Sunshine. But this time, surely a happy ending.

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A Sci-Fi drama

They found love while they search for survival. A Sweet Home kind-of-drama where love wins over monsters. And of course, love wins with a happy ending.

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Actor x Idol Romcom

Imagining this scene when Actor Taehyung surprises her Idol partner in her mini concert. Talking about power couple. A drama that breaks the fear, the pressure and the insecurities of celebrities.

When the Flower Blooms, We Fall in Love

Because this scene is too precious to only inspire a single drama. Here, getting our third drama dream of people find love in Spring—a short but sweet season.


“World against us but we run together in the beauty of fresh grass, on the way to our happy ending.” And certainly, those feared eyes of IU and Taehyung will turn into stars as they found their ways, listening to their hearts and not to what ifs of people.

Heaven & Hell

An angel saved a demon. A fantasy drama, turning an angel IU and devil Taehyung into mortals as they heal and burn their happily ever after.

Black & White

Gangster Taehyung, come take that role! Princess IU, go take that role! When bad meets good. When darkness meets brightness. A fluffy romcom for Gangster x Princess!

The Queen

Of course, IU will always be ready to take her crown. Imagine this scene in a “Queen marries a commoner” drama, where she’s running from a war that she won and on the way to meet her lover. Who would say No to an action series led by her and Taehyung?


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One thing for sure, IU and Taehyung are Queen and King of this era, slaying both as singers and actors. Now, let us go back watching again this fascinating Love Wins All MV and imagine parallel universes where these two got their happy endings. What kind of drama would you love them to star in?

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