The Toxic Traits of Every K-drama Fan That We Are Oh So Guilty Of

As much as we love K-dramas, we all have our toxic traits when it comes to choosing which shows to watch and which are better off stuck in our to-watch list. Admit it or not, we are all guilty of one thing… or maybe two.

Here are the offenses that every K-drama fan has committed. Will you relate and admit guilty as charged to these toxic traits? 

Judging a soon-to-air drama’s watch-worthy based on its casts 

When you see your fave in the casting, that K-drama is automatically added to your to-watch list. On the other hand, when you see another with one that you’re not familiar with, it is easy to channel the Ariana Grande in you and say “thank u, next.”

Why you should ditch this toxic trait: Of course, it is normal to want to see the K-drama that your fave actor will star in, but sentencing a K-drama to be unwatchable based solely on a casting that’s unknown to you is just plain robbing yourself of the opportunity to be exposed to a wider range of talented artists and superb contents. Just give the K-drama a chance even when you’re not familiar with the casts, especially when you find the plot promising. Believe us, you’re actually doing yourself a favor because you’ll get to discover new actors and actresses to add to your ever-growing list of favorites. And, as always, the more, the merrier, right?

Dropping a K-drama after finding the first episode uninteresting 

We’ve all been there — overflowing with excitement as soon as the cast lineup is revealed, going all jittery when the trailer and teaser drop, and then “patiently” counting down the days to the drama’s premiere, only to find ourselves later on in the wake of finishing the first episode contemplating whether we should watch the next (usually to give it another chance at redemption) or just lay off it completely. For most fans, the first episode (or the first few if you are a bit generous) is usually the decider, but sadly, most of those most fans are quicker to disengage than to give it another try for fear of wasting another hour or two of their time.

Why you should ditch this toxic trait:  Some K-dramas do start on the wrong track, however, most of them don’t end up getting totally off course and can actually manage to redeem themselves. And giving it another hour or two of your time turns out as a good choice more often than not.

Watching at 1.5x speed (or faster) and/or skipping parts 

Well, first of all, kudos to you for not choosing to give up completely, which, I must say in all honesty, is easier to do than doing these. While it is saddening to admit that some K-dramas do die down at one point, there are still those that manage to regain their traction. All they need is that one gripping scene, a rise in the arc, or a jaw-dropping twist, and they can resuscitate their storyline. 

Why you should ditch this toxic trait: The fact that you are still watching through it means that there’s still interest in seeing the K-drama to the end. So, if you could and have all the time in the world, why not fight the urge to press that speed button or right arrow key? Because for all you know, you might be going a little too fast or skipping on the part that would revive your fascination for it.

Choosing to abandon the K-drama and not seeing the last one or two episodes

This is by far the most inexplicable and absurd toxic trait a K-drama fan can have. Because having watched the previous episodes only to end up deliberately skipping on that last one or two hours is just plain unspeakable… like, this K-drama crime takes guts, lots and lots of guts, for someone to commit. It’s like running a marathon without crossing the finish line by choice.

Why you should ditch this toxic trait: As mentioned, you have already spent those enormous amount of time watching the previous episodes, might as well go through with it up to the last second, right? 

Leaving too many K-dramas untouched in the to-watch list

Most likely that nine out of 10 K-drama fans are repeat offenders of this crime, but what can we say? There’s just too many dramas to watch but sooo little time. One minute you are vowing to watch the upcoming drama of your ultimate fave, the next minute you’re writing down another drama that stars your newly discovered fave, and then next thing you know the titles are already piled up one on top of the other in a dizzyingly long list. 

Why you should ditch this toxic trait: You put them in that precious list for a reason, and if that reason is weighty enough, then you probably should find that 16 hours of free time off your busy sched, as in right this very moment.

*Got a toxic trait you’re guilty of? Don’t be shy and share them in the comment section below. Who knows? It might help keep you from repeating the crime.

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