“For Oh Sehun” Playlist Featuring Ariana Grande Love Songs

We K-pop fans absolutely love it when our idols post a boyfie pic on Instagram. It’s one of the things that never fails to make our fangirl hearts skip a beat; and thanks to the K-pop gods, Oh Sehun is no stranger to this. 

So in celebration of Sehun sharing these priceless boyfie pics with us (and his birthday, of course), we have curated a “For Oh Sehun” playlist that expresses our irrevocable admiration and love for him, featuring Ariana Grande’s wonderful discography — another thing on earth we absolutely love, btw. 



Imagine having a Sehun in your life, forever… it would be a dream that came true.



What’s the best view other than a moonlight? Oh Sehun!



Just a teaspoon of Sehun and our lives would be a hundred times sweeter.

“goodnight n go”


Why, oh, why?

“Knew Better/Forever Boy”


Sehun is definitely straight out of a fairytale.



A face like Sehun’s would surely make everyone spend an entire day dreaming of him… and it would definitely, definitely be a day well spent.

“someone like u – interlude”


Sehun’s perfection is surely something that we’d willingly wait forever to come into our lives. Good thing it did!

*Got an Ariana Grande song you’d want to dedicate to Oh Sehun? Share them in the comment section below.

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