10 Times Bae Suzy Ate and Left No Crumbs in Anna

Eight episodes of measuring on until when can someone lie? Can one’s unfortunate past give one’s right to live a life full of lies? Do not dare to say a response until you see Lee Yumi / Anna’s different versions of life experiences.

But, we dare to say that Anna is the greatest performance Suzy has delivered so far. No glamour of fantasy series, no sweetness and fun of romcom; just full of scenes that made Suzy and every character in Anna shine the way they deserve to be.

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Too many emotions were shown. Too many nerve-racking scenes that made our fists clench so hard. Too many heart-wrenching moments that we just want to give the happiest life to our Anna. But, we have to sort all these scenes and wrapped them up to ten times Bae Suzy totally owned the spotlight in Anna.

The Beginning of All the Lies

The snow, the music, the “f*ck it, I’m doing it” moment of Yumi.

That Intimidating, Crazy Side of Yumi

The innocent-looking girl who’s been channelling her love to arts and pretty crazy things.

Putting a Jerk to His Rightful Place

A satisfying moment.

The Grief that Grips Our Hearts in Many Different Ways

The sadness, the betrayal of not being informed about her father’s health, and “what shall I do now when you’re gone” emotions are perfectly blended and portrayed.

Graceful Little Revenge

No guilt has ever found after the call.

Her Soft Side

A hint of touching scene amidst her well-masked, fearless life; but definitely the most genuine smile Anna had.

She Needs No Words

Her eyes are enough for us to cry a river.

When She Had Enough, But She Realised She Messed Up

Suzy’s transition in this scene is a strong card to every acting award.

Bonus: These parallel scenes deserve an infinite applause.

When She Had to Apologise to Someone Who Truly Doesn’t Deserve It

There’s fear, there’s irritation, there’s a willingness to fight back and a lot more emotions expressed through her gestures.

Simply Speechless

We know we missed a lot. If we can just put all episodes here because every scene is a masterpiece, we’ll simply do. But, it’s a sign to finally watch Anna if you haven’t yet, or see it again and witness—all over again—Bae Suzy ate this drama and left no crumbs.

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