The A to Z of Hwang In Yeop

Most K-drama fans decided to add another actor on their unending list of “Oppas to stan”—Hwang In Yeop. This rookie actor has been making a good amount of buzz all over our social media feeds, leaving his followers a crave for more contents. To satisfy your curiosity on who this rising South Korean star is, here is an A to Z list of everything you need to know about Hwang In Yeop.

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A – Ageless

With his popularity primarily started from his role as a student in 18 Again, many of us were in awe when we found out his real age. Continue reading to know when he’s actually born, and you will be at ease in saying that Hwang In Yeop has ageless visuals.

Instagram: @hi_high_hiy

B – Black, Basketball

Black is his favourite shade. Here’s a little proof on how he can slay this colour.

AYU The A to Z of Hwang In Yeop B
Instagram: @hi_high_hiy

And just like his character in 18 Again, Hwang In Yeop is fond of playing basketball behind the camera too.

AYU The A to Z of Hwang In Yeop B1
Instagram: @hi_high_hiy

C – Capricorn

Go check if your zodiac sign matches Hwang In Yeop’s—Capricorn.

D – Discharged

Let us rejoice! Hwang In Yeop already fulfilled his mandatory military service, so no more worries about sudden news on date of departure to serve his country.

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E – Eyes, Eighteen (18) Again

Admit it, most of us immediately fell to his killer eyes. And that is one of the reasons why he could easily catch our attention when he portrayed Goo Ja Sung in 18 Again.

AYU The A to Z of Hwang In Yeop E
Instagram: @hi_high_hiy

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F – Freshman

Hwan In Yeop starred in a couple of web series before making a debut in Korean dramas. Freshman is one those where he played the school’s number one insider—Seo Kyo Won.

G – Girl Group’s Knowledge

Surprisingly, Hwang In Yeop can ace a game when it comes to songs of Korean girl groups or of K-pop.

H – Height

The universe was generous when it decided that Hwang In Yeop would stand at 185-centimetre tall.

I – Introvert

Hwang In Yeop shared in an interview that he’s an introvert who slowly developed his confidence from his modelling experiences.  

J – January 19, 1991

Happy 30th Birthday, Hwang In Yeop!

K – KeyEast

He is currently managed by KeyEast alongside his True Beauty co-star, Moon Ga Young

L – Late Career

Hwang In Yeop started his acting career at 27—proving that nothing is too late, and no one is too old to pursue a dream.

M – Modelling, Metamon

He started modelling in 2017 before taking acting roles. He loves posing in front of the camera as much as he loves Pokémon, especially Metamon. His current Instagram profile picture is Metamon and even greeted us a Happy New Year with this character.

AYU The A to Z of Hwang In Yeop M
Instagram: @hi_high_hiy

N – Nokdu (Tale of Nokdu)

After starring in web dramas, Hwang In Yeop finally showcased his acting guts in a K-drama. He played the role of a swordsman as Park Dan Ho in Tale of Nokdu.

O – Okey Dokey

Please tell me I am not the only one who looked for Mino and Zico’s Okey Dokey after watching Seo Jun’s (Hwang In Yeop) scene in True Beauty.

P – Pasta, Pokémon

KProfiles recorded that his favourite food is Pasta.

Hwang In Yeop once again proved how much he adores Pokémon, making sure Pikachu is safe.

AYU The A to Z of Hwang In Yeop P
Instagram: @hi_high_hiy

Q – Quiet

With his introvert personality, Hwang In Yeop admitted that he used to be a quiet type of person.

R – Role Models

With being actor has been one of his dreams since he’s a child, Hwang In Yeop has noted some of his role models in the industry. He looks up to Lee Byung Hun, Jo In Sung, and Joo Ji Hoon.

S – Singing

As much as he shines as a model and as an actor, Hwang In Yeop has given his followers another assurance that they stan a talented star through his vocal skills.

T – True Beauty

Since December 2020, we have been waiting for Wednesday to come, not only because it’s already in the middle of weekdays, but as well as new episode of True Beauty will be released. Catch Hwang In Yeop on tvN’s True Beauty as Han Seo Jun.

U – Uniform

With his undeniably young features, Hwang In Yeop has been enjoying his roles where he can still wear school uniform.

AYU The A to Z of Hwang In Yeop U
Instagram: @hi_high_hiy

V – Vogue Korea

Hwang In Yeop together with Cha Eun Woo and Moon Ga Young proved their powerful visuals in a photoshoot for Vogue Korea’s December 2020 issue.

AYU The A to Z of Hwang In Yeop V

W – Why

He took the role of Gi Jae Yong in a web drama, Why in 2018.

X – eXtra Effort

When it comes to portraying his characters, Hwang In Yeop has been putting extra effort, including getting a motorcycle license for his role in True Beauty.

Y – YG KPlus

Apparently, Hwang In Yeop was under YG KPlus, a modelling arm of YG Entertainment, before signing with his current agency.

Z – Zebra Shorts

With his tiger-printed boxers going viral, it would not be surprising if Hwan In Yeop’s character in True Beauty is storing a zebra-printed shorts in his drawer too. *tvN, we’re waiting*

When did you start loving Hwang In Yeop? Share what you like most about him or any trivia to add in this list. Maybe you know his official fandom name? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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