15 Times IU Stunned Us with Her Beyond Perfect Visuals

IU has served many and varying aesthetics over the years. On several occasions she looked like a princess who gracefully leapt out of a storybook; there were also times when she seemed like a dainty doll who magically came to life; who could forget the times when she appeared looking like a breathtakingly graceful mythological goddess; or even when she was just simply being her effortlessly beautiful self.

To say that she carried each and every look is saying the least because IU certainly slayed in them. 

Here are some of our favorite IU music video aesthetics that are just beyond perfect.

IU and the royalty that she is.


The look that gives major Jang Man Wol vibe.


Ethereal IU


Good Day IU will always and forever be iconic (and that parrot too).

Good Day

Missing short-haired IU hours, always open.

Palette (팔레트)

IU in plain white shirt and still slaying, a Queen indeed.

Palette (팔레트)

Who could resist IU when she stares lovingly like this?

Ending Scene (이런 엔딩)

Blue-haired IU is without a doubt BLUEMING!

Blueming (블루밍)

This fiery orange braids and glittery freckles combination is just so phenomenal.


Even with eccentric pieces, she still made it work… only IU.


Elevator ride with this IU will surely be thrilling.


This girl’s got sunshine in her eyes.

eight (에잇)

Even in this futuristic look, she’s still slaying.

eight (에잇)

She can make even an effortless top knot look a little more glam.

above the time (시간의 바깥)

IU in her simplest is even more stunning.

Through the Night (밤편지)

*IU’s perfect visual charms us as much as her beautiful voice. What’s your favorite IU aesthetic, Uaena? Share them in the comments section below.

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