Spotlight: K-drama Characters with Not-So-Ordinary Jobs 

While K-dramas are known for their diverse array of characters with unique storylines, we often find ourselves watching dramas that feature the most common careers and professions. However, from time to time, there comes characters who break the mold and surprise us with their unconventional and sometimes downright peculiar occupations. 

From offbeat job descriptions to unorthodox professions, here are the not-so-ordinary occupations portrayed in the world of K-dramas.

Gil Ra Im of Secret Garden

Her bold personality is what makes Secret Garden’s Gil Ra Im stand out from the rest of the K-drama female leads of her time. Refusing to adhere to traditional gender roles, she pursued her career as a stuntwoman with a passion that’s just uncontainable. At a time where female leads were typically depicted as the innocent and delicate damsel-in-distress type, Ha Ji Won’s Ra Im broke new ground with a portrayal of the contemporary woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, challenge societal norms, and pursue her passion despite obstacles. She embodies the fierce femme who kicks ass not only literally but also figuratively.

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Choi Sang Eun of Love in Contract

Contract marriage has been a staple plot in K-dramas guaranteed to create tension and romance between the main characters. However, the concept of a contract wife is fairly new to K-drama storytelling, especially so that it is the character’s main profession. Involving entering into a contractual relationship with her clients who are in need of a spouse for various reasons, Choi Sang Eun’s unconventional career choice is a direct contradiction to societal norms surrounding relationship and marriage. But, even though, it does disregard matrimonial traditions and commitment that are deeply embedded in people’s cultures and ideals, it did not stop her from being successful at it; she basically made a one-woman empire. Park Min Young’s portrayal of the resilient, versatile, and emphatic Choi Sang Eun definitely requires a kind of character who doesn’t walk on the road set by the ones before her but one who creates her own trail.


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Vincenzo Cassano of Vincenzo

Portraying lawyers is not new in K-dramas; in fact, courtroom drama is one of the famous genres used in K-dramaland. However, a lawyer who’s also a mafia corn salad consigliere is pretty much uncommon. Unlike K-drama leads who are often portrayed as righteous and morally upright, this Italian-Korean mafia lawyer takes advantage of his unconventional traits to navigate through a world of corruption and crime. He does not rely on traditional heroism; rather, he operates with cunning intelligence, strategic planning, and his own set of principles and methods that equally match the vileness of his enemies; simply put, he fights fire with fire. Proving that even those with ambiguous morals can captivate audiences with their enigmatic charisma, Vincenzo set a new standard for lead characters and paved the way for an era of antiheroes.

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Seo Yi Gang & Kang Hyun Jo of Jirisan

There have been a few K-dramas that have first responders as the lead characters, but what sets the characters of this drama apart from the rest is their being national park rangers stationed at the mountainous terrain of Jiri. Aside from their skills in rescue mission and dedication to serving others in times of peril, their expertise in the wilderness and commitment to the preservation of the mountain add an unconventional layer of complexity to their characters. They define the stereotypical K-drama careers that deal with the challenges of a high-stake job, with their circumstances centering on saving lives in treacherous environments that also highlights their selfless commitment to duty and a different kind of heroism—all while also dealing with struggles of their own.

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Cho Sang Gu & Han Geu Roo of Move to Heaven

Aside from its premise that revolves around death and the sorrow it leaves in its wake, Move to Heaven’s leads steer clear of the typical with their uncommon business. Dubbed trauma cleaning, their job description centers on cleaning and organizing the belongings the deceased has left behind, which dramatically leads to them uncovering their stories and memories. As they deal with the aftermath of a tragedy, Cho Sang Gu and Han Geu Roo’s work also provides closure for the families as well as honors the life of the loved one these people have lost, proving that empathy and understanding have transformative power, even in the most desolate of times.

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Special Mention: Hong Doo Shik of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’s Hong Dong Shik isn’t just a jack of all trades, he is a master of many. Aside from his endearing personality, he captivated the audience with his impressive collection of job licenses. From carpentry to plumbing and lifeguarding to tour guiding, his extensive range of skills displays a diverse spectrum of professions that gives off the you-name-it-he’s-got-it energy. But this doesn’t just reflect his versatility, resourcefulness, and determination in the pursuit of knowledge, it also shows his boundless enthusiasm, willingness to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed, and desire to contribute meaningfully to his community. Whether it’s repairing a leaky faucet or organizing a village festival, his genuine concern for his people has made him an indispensable pillar of Gongjin, reminding us that success is not solely measured by material wealth or social status, but by the strength of an individual’s character and the depth of their connection with the people around them.

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