Which Ha Ji Won Are You?

She has taken memorable roles that made us fall in the K-drama world and decided to stay for good. The original action queen, Ha Ji Won, definitely flipped our romantic souls in the body-switch action drama, Secret Garden. She graced us with her hard-earned royal status and even comforted our hearts in a melodrama. Likewise, she dressed up in a doctor attires that healed our cravings for a medical drama.

Among her many portrayals that definitely sealed the deal as one of top K-actresses, who do you think you can relate the most? Which among his characters you can see yourself? Find out in this quiz!

Question 1 of 7.

If you are to live in the past, what would you be?

1. a scholar
2. a member of the Royal family
3. a soldier
Question 2 of 7.

In which setting you would love to meet your partner?

1. when travelling for a business trip
2. when participating in a charity event during your free time
Question 3 of 7.

Which time do you want to see?

1. Future
2. Past
Question 4 of 7.

The hairstyle that you‘ll rock!

1. Mid-length
2. Bob
3. Long hair
Question 5 of 7.

When cake is your stress reliever, which would you eat ASAP?

Question 6 of 7.

Which of these traits you’ll likely have?

1. Brave
2. Compassionate
3. Selfless
Question 7 of 7.

You would love to be …

1. a medical staff
2. a celebrity
3. a politician

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All 7 questions completed!

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Which Ha Ji Won Are You?

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