A Playlist for Jung Hae In’s K-drama Characters Featuring Taylor Swift Songs

Jung Hae In has such an inexplicable effect that’s so ardent and sentimental it makes us wish we were as masterful as Taylor Swift in writing a song so we can create one that would passionately convey how he makes us feel. Though try as we might, possessing such flair is next to impossible, luckily, we can still curate a playlist with Taylor’s masterpieces to dedicate to each of the characters that Jung Hae In brought to life. And we did! 

From pleading with someone to break down their walls to marveling at how breathtakingly beautiful they are, here’s a playlist we lovingly put together for Jung Hae In’s K-drama characters featuring Taylor Swift songs.

D.P.’s Ahn Joon Ho – “Renegade”

Connect’s Ha Dong Soo – “The Joker And The Queen”

Snowdrop’s Im Soo Ho – “Sparks Fly”

A Piece of Your Mind’s Moon Ha Won – “This Love”

One Spring Night’s Yoo Ji Ho – “Slut!”

Something in the Rain’s Seo Joon Hee – “Ours”

Prison Playbook’s Yoo Jung Woo – “willow”

While You Were Sleeping’s Han Woo Tak – “How You Get The Girl”

Goblin’s Choi Tae Hee – “Gorgeous”

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