A Playlist for Ji Chang Wook’s K-drama Characters Featuring NIKI Songs

Ji Chang Wook has such a face that can transport us into a trance, where everything is in slow motion with a dreamy haze and a gentle melody in the background enveloping us. And he did so with every captivating performance of his K-drama characters. 

Curious to know which songs played for us during the moments he dazzled us into this lovely trance? They’re none other than NIKI’s masterpieces. 

Here’s a curated playlist featuring NIKI’s songs that we lovingly dedicate to each of Ji Chang Wook’s K-drama characters.

Cho Yong Pil of Welcome to Samdal-ri – “Take a Chance with Me”

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Park Joon Mo of The Worst of Evil – “Vintage”

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Yoon Kyeo Re of The Sound of Magic – “Spell”

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Park Jae Won of Lovestruck in the City – “I Like U”

Choi Dae Hyun of Backstreet Rookie – “Every Summertime”

Ma Dong Chan of Melting Me Softly – “Anaheim”

Noh Ji Wook of Suspicious Partner – “Plans”

Kim Je Ha of The K2 – “Indigo”

Seo Jung Hoo of Healer – “Plot Twist”

Yuan Emperor Hui Zhong of Empress Ki – “lowkey”

*Which NIKI song comes to mind whenever you see Ji Chang Wook? Share them in the comment section below.

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