Yoo Ba Bi Moments That Made Our Love Cells Swoon

Yoo Ba Bi is a dreamboat, period. Anyone can gush over and over for days on how perfect he is. He is gentle, considerate, kind, warm, and sweet. Not to mention his prince charming face that makes our hearts flutter so much so it makes us let out a squeal. And squeal we did during these Yoo Ba Bi moments from the second season of Yumi’s Cells.

~ When he proved he is the ultimate gentleman

Yumi’s Cells Ep 01, Tving

Nothing beats a guy who treats women right; and Yoo Ba Bi has proven time and again that he is a nice guy, not just to Yumi but to everyone. But of course, his gentleman acts with Yumi are what make our love cells swoon over him, just like in this scene when he used his jacket to keep Yumi’s legs warm. Even when “the cold never bothered us anyway,” we would gladly let him drape his jacket over our legs.

~ When he showed how attentive he is of all Yumi things

Yumi’s Cells Ep 01, Tving

Perhaps the ultimate telltale sign that someone is interested in you is when they know things that you don’t even know about yourself; and Yoo Ba Bi revealing that Yumi easily shows her emotion when she thought she has the perfect poker face tells just how much he is into her. But what makes us swoon even more is the fact that despite the things he already knows about her, he still wants to get to know her more.

~ When he KISS

Yumi’s Cells Ep 01, Tving

… Kept It Short and Sweet, that is; because sometimes, a direct confession is better than a crisscross-y one.

~ When he clearly puts Yumi first

Yumi’s Cells Ep 02, Tving

This scene probably made everyone go “awww” as Yoo Ba Bi smiled assuredly at Yumi who was left too stunned by his action. Can you imagine the amount of thoughtfulness, respect, and concern that Yoo Ba Bi has for him to push the button and get off the bus because he thought Yumi was uncomfortable? It most surely speaks volume of how great a guy he is. And this is definitely one of the moments when we completely fell for him.

~ When we found out what his middle name is, which is none other than Gentleman

Yumi’s Cells Ep 02, Tving

Chivalry is definitely well and alive in Yoo Ba Bi’s dictionary, and this move that he did proves that he is without a doubt a prime specimen.

~ When his subtlety was executed with perfection

Yumi’s Cells Ep 03, Tving

Whether it was intentional or just pure one-thing-led-to-another, no one can deny that this subtle move became the gateway to a moment that literally drove everyone crazy. Was anyone able to time how long the kiss was?

~ When he proved he is the ultimate gentleman, part two

Yumi’s Cells Ep 04, Tving

Imagine your namchin arriving early to your rendenvouz so he can meet you on your way. Only guys like Yoo Ba Bi who are willing to make the extra effort can do this.

~ When he couldn’t be more perfect than he already is

Yumi’s Cells Ep 05, Tving

And the best boyfriend award goes to… *drumroll… Yoo Ba Bi. Because why not, right? A boyfriend who has complete faith in you… who won’t let pride and jealousy cloud his judgment? Seriously, can he get any more perfect than this?

~ When he proved that he is the best son-in-law

Yumi’s Cells Ep 06, Tving

Yoo Ba Bi is the guy you bring to meet your mother and apparently, your father, too. Eommas like him at first sight there’s no doubt about that, while appas, maybe after a few misgivings, eventually learn to entrust him with his beloved daughter. Well, what can we say, that is the Yoo Ba Bi effect that doesn’t just work on girls but on parents as well.

~ When he became Yumi’s cheerleader

Yumi’s Cells Ep 07, Tving

This is worth mentioning not just because he was able to cheer Yumi up during a difficult phase in her life, but also how he handled it. He did not push her to open up to him even when he knew she was having a hard time; rather, he waited for her to be ready to share her burden. And when she finally did, rather than consoling her for her misfortunes, he chose to encourage her by saying everything is and will be okay because he knew Yumi would eventually overcome these hurdles.

~ When he was jealous over a box of donut

Yumi’s Cells Ep 08, Tving

Although there is nothing to be jealous of, it is still adorable that Yoo Ba Bi admitted that he felt a little bit of jealousy when Yumi’s editor-in-chief was going the extra mile with her. We never knew we would see a pouty Yoo Ba Bi, and it is definitely a sight.

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