10 Reasons Why We Need Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2 ASAP

Fridays will never be the same again. After 11 weeks of wholesome moments with President Seo Jin, Director Yu Mi, Chef Seo Joon, and Interns Woo Shik and Taehyung, Jinny’s Kitchen has sadly closed its doors. Every week, we looked forward if how many people would line up in the Korean restaurant in Bacalar. Every Friday, we tried to control our Korean food cravings but ended up salivating for an hour. For 11 weeks, we were spoiled by these powerful cast, trying to reach their daily revenue goal; but still having time to bond over late night talks and indulging their day-off and breaks.

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It’s safe to say that we’re already missing the whole cast; and there’s no better way to ease our yearning by wishing to see a new season of this star-studded show. Here are ten out of many reasons why we need Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2 as soon as possible.

1. The Can-be-too-business-minded-but-definitely-soft Boss Seo Jin

He might be firm in managing the business but he surely knows how and when to give rewards—enough to make us wonder if he’ll get stricter or softer when a new season comes. Look how his shy but proud smile as they did the final slate:

2. Our Kimbap Queen, Yu Mi

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Yumi definitely spiced up the show with her bright personality that perfectly balanced Seojin’s sometimes-too-serious-looking façade. But we think, she hasn’t rolled enough Kimbap yet (we just enjoy seeing her cutely flustered when piles of orders are on her side), so we’re definitely up to see more of her rolling or maybe, climbing up to a higher position.

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3. The Mr. Perfect Park Seo Joon

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Seriously, is there something that this one fine man can’t do? No doubt, he can cook well, but he’s perfectly fine in handling pressure as well. We think that he’s more than ready to run his own restaurant. Will it be Seojin and Seojoon’s Kitchen Season 2?

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4. Choi Woo Shik, the Friendliest Introvert Intern

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Despite joining the business a bit later, Wooshik, as confirmed by Seojin, did an immense job in the service department. It’s never easy to talk and try to make your customers as comfortable as possible, especially when you’re in a foreign land. Were his efforts enough to finally let him get out from the Internship tag in the new season?

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5. Kim Tae Hyung, the Maknae who loves Ramyeon a little too much

The new addition in this show and BTS V surely made an unforgettable mark on his debut for this variety show. Admittedly not a fan of cooking, Intern Taehyung has survived assisting in the kitchen, randomly dancing and singing, making baby customers smile, and even buying “uniform” for his colleagues. Can his charm help him to take a step higher from being an intern? We demand answers in Season 2.

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6. The Interns Friendly Rivalry

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It’s time to end the discussion. Let these two members of Wooga Squad be finally be evaluated and find them bickering and laughing in their own world. But surely, they won’t mind spending more time making 10+ episodes for another season alongside their co-squad Seo Joon and the rest of the cast.  

7. Cast Bonding Over Bowls of Ramyeon

It’s simply fascinating to see these top Korean celebrities have fully and seriously embraced their roles in running the restaurant. Amidst cooking and serving non-stop for up to five hours in a day, they found time to have fun as they learn to adore one’s quirkiness throughout the show. We just want to see them again; and end our week with a wide smile while finding ourselves making Ramyeon in the middle of the night.

8. The Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2 Gang

Will new staff be added in this Jinny’s Kitchen gang? It’s the next season’s take to try a taste test, isn’t it? But, we SURELY DO NOT MIND keeping this set of cast.

9. Where To Next?

Jinny’s Kitchen introduced us to Bacalar’s gem and certainly attracted us to put Mexico in our bucket list. With the huge hope of having Season 2, will they travel to another side of the world to open the dining place? Wherever it is, it would always excite us if locals could recognise these top-billed Korean stars.

10. What’s on the Menu?

With constant dish addition at Jinny’s Kitchen, which ones will they keep? Will the Korean taste be loved by the locals’ palate?

Too many things we’re missing as Jinny’s Kitchen bid goodbye and we can’t just simply stay seated but to raise these reasons why we love to see the OPEN tag very soon!

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