10 Times Shô Kasamatsu Stole the Spotlight in Tokyo Vice

Starring in a show with veteran and world-famous actors is no walk in the park, but Shô Kasamatsu, magnetizing and über charismatic, managed to steal the spotlight every time he appears on the screen in Tokyo Vice. Shô plays low-level Yakuza Sato whose intense and surprisingly sultry glower is enough to either make you cower in fear or stir something primal deep in your stomach (this one’s for the ladies).

With all the excellent actors in the show, like lead star Ansel Elgort and legendary Ken Watanabe, it is much easier for the other characters to blend into the background, but Shô’s Sato managed to break out of that highly talented roster even by just cutting scallions with so much intensity he seemed to be cutting through something that is definitely not a vegetable. And, have you seen those eyes? Those intense pair that can create emotional tension even without the stirring dialogue? Shô is a revelation, no doubt.

Here are some moments from the show when Shô Kasamatsu stole the spotlight and instantly became our new Japanese actor obsession.

1. When he showed his master chef level cutting skill

Tokyo Vice Ep. 2, HBO Max

2. When he initially planned to be all macho but ended up telling the truth, which actually worked better

Tokyo Vice Ep. 2, HBO Max

3. When he strutted towards a fight (and into our hearts)

4. When he, an intimidating Yakuza, adorably sang along to BSB’s “I Want It That Way” (plus his amusing interpretation of the song)

Tokyo Vice Ep. 4, HBO Max

5. When he went full-on Yakuza on Samantha and then regretted it shortly after

Tokyo Vice Ep. 5, HBO Max

6. When he shed his bravado and opened up

Tokyo Vice Ep. 5, HBO Max

7. When he proved to be a good strategist

Tokyo Vice Ep. 6, HBO Max

8. When he was all soft and gooey and smiley after cooking omelet for Samantha (what a man, right?)

Tokyo Vice Ep. 6, HBO Max

9. When he threw a one-liner that instantly shut his enemy down

Tokyo Vice Ep. 7, HBO Max

10. When we caught a glimpse of a grinning and pleasant Sato before his gangster days (A Sato origin story spin-off, please)

Tokyo Vice Ep. 8, HBO Max

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*What’s your favorite Sato moment from Tokyo Vice? Feel free to gush over them in the comments section below.

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