Which Love You as the World Ends Character Are You?

What will you do as the world ends? With zombies running after you, hungry for your flesh and blood. With nowhere safe to go. With needed supplies wearing thin. With finding an enemy not only in reanimated corpses but also in people who like you are also trying to survive somehow. 

Who will you be? 

Are you like Hibiki Mamiya who will scour a zombie-infested world just to be reunited with his better half while trying all his might to keep his companions safe? Or are you like Kumuri Ogasawara whose fragile facade encases a warrior who will do everything to help the people around her? Maybe you are Yoon Min Jun whose kindness and warmth remained unfazed despite the horror around him? Or are you more like Hiro Todoroki who may appear tough and heartless but will do anything for the safety of everyone?

Find out which Love You as the World Ends character you are by answering this quiz.

Question 1 of 10.

How do people describe you?

1. Warmhearted
2. Good-natured
3. Straightforward
4. Trustworthy
Question 2 of 10.

How would you describe yourself?

1. Levelheaded
2. Competent
3. Companionable
4. Daring
Question 3 of 10.

Which are you?

1. Leader
2. Follower
Question 4 of 10.

Which weapon would you use to fight off Golems?

1. Martial arts skills
2. Pointed objects like knife, blade
3. Gun
4. Bow and arrow
Question 5 of 10.

In the middle of the night, a stranger begs you to take them in as a horde of Golems trails behind them. What would you do?

1. I’ll open the door quickly to let them in.
2. I’ll check first if they are bitten then open the door for them.
3. Argue about the risk of taking strangers in but will end up opening the door for them eventually.
Question 6 of 10.

Your group is running short on supplies, what would you do?

1. I’ll be the first to volunteer to do the search.
2. I’ll volunteer but would not likely make it to the team.
3. I’ll go if I’m asked/needed.
Question 7 of 10.

Scientists said they are developing a vaccine against the virus, what would you do?

1. I will volunteer if I am needed/useful.
2. Pass. I’ve got a flock to tend to.
3. Vaccine? I bet they’re the ones who started this mess in the first place.
Question 8 of 10.

You find out that there is a shelter that takes in survivors. What would you do?

1. Go to the shelter.
2. Scout the place first if it's safe.
Question 9 of 10.

A companion in your group shows signs of Golem virus infection, but they are not bitten. What would you suggest to do?

1. Isolate or lock them up to keep the others safe.
2. They are clearly not bitten so there is no need for isolation, but will still keep an eye on them.
Question 10 of 10.

Your friend is bitten. How would you deal with it?

1. End them before they even turn.
2. Wait until the last second before they turn and then end them.
3. Keep them alive as long as possible in hopes that a vaccine/cure will turn up.

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Which Love You as the World Ends Character Are You?

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