Which Vigilante Male Lead Will You Fall for?

While Vigilante awakens our empathy for the ill-fated victims of injustices and at the same time, fuels our anger at under-sentenced criminals, the action-filled psychological crime drama also gives us swoon-worthy characters who make us wish we could suddenly transport ourselves into its fictional world, utterly distracting us from the atrocious and gut-wrenching unfairness that there exists. 

In case, by some K-drama miracle, you found yourself in the world of Vigilante, who among the show's male leads do you think will make you fall head over heels? Take this quiz and find out which of the Vigilante male leads you will fall for.

Question 1 of 8.

Which trait do you find attractive?

1. Laid-back, brooding, and upright
2. Reliable, levelheaded, and clever
Question 2 of 8.

Which guy outfit do your prefer?

Question 3 of 8.

Which of these watches your ideal guy would likely wear?

Question 4 of 8.

Which of these is your non-negotiable?

1. He fights for what is right and against the wrongs.
2. He is fearless in fighting his life's battles.
Question 5 of 8.

Which red flag would you likely ignore?

1. He tends to have a say on other people's lives.
2. He is tight-lipped most of the time.
Question 6 of 8.

Which red flag is your deal-breaker?

1. He keeps a lot of important things from you.
2. He can be a bit manipulative.
Question 7 of 8.

How would you like to spend your weekend with your significant other?

1. At home, binge-watching or playing games
2. At the beach after a road trip
Question 8 of 8.

Which love language makes your heart flutter?

1. Being a gentleman 24/7
2. Being your biggest fan

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Which Vigilante Male Lead Will You Fall for?

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