Which Song from Jung Kook’s Golden Are You?

With 11 LSS-inducing tracks, Jeon Jung Kook's Golden surely measures up to its name. The harmonious variety of genres, the sound of each song, the lyricism, and, of course, Jung Kook's vocals are all well blended together to perfection, so impeccably perfect that it's hard to believe it is actually his debut album. From the opener to the rather reserved version of the first single to every other track in between, Golden surely is a carefully curated masterpiece that generously reflects the golden maknae's artistry—his journey to musical growth and the destination that he has already reached so far into his career.

Now we know you love each and every track in Golden, but which song do you think reflects you the most? Answer these questions and find out.

Question 1 of 5.

Which of these adjectives best describes you?

1. Affectionate
2. Fearless
3. Passionate
4. Insightful
5. Considerate
6. Sincere
7. Honest
8. Hopeful
9. Emphatic
10. Loyal
Question 2 of 5.

Which BTS member (excluding Jungkook) are you the most compatible with musically?

1. Kim Namjoon
2. Kim Seokjin
3. Min Yoongi
4. Jung Hoseok
5. Park Jimin
6. Kim Taehyung
Question 3 of 5.

Which do you think among Jung Kook's visuals in an MV is the superior one?

1. Yet to Come
2. I Need U
4. Save Me
5. Boy With Luv
6. Life Goes On
8. Blood, Sweat & Tears
9. Butter
10. Permission to Dance
Question 4 of 5.

Which of Jung Kook's cover songs is your favorite?

1. Rainism
2. Beautiful
3. Paper Hearts
4. Falling
5. Nothing Like Us
6. Never Not
7. Lost Stars
8. All My Life
9. 10 000 Hours
10. Let There Be Love
Question 5 of 5.

Which love language makes your heart flutter?

1. Gives you a big hug
2. Brings you breakfast in bed
3. Plans your special dates
4. Makes you a cup of coffee or tea or your favorite drink
5. Drives you around wherever you want to go
6. Does the chores you hate
7. Cheers for you when you need support
8. Cooks your favorite food
9. Curates a playlist of songs dedicated to you
10. Packs your lunch for work

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Which Song from Jung Kook's Golden Are You?

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