Which Han So Hee K-drama Should You Star In?

Han So Hee can play a character that’s easy to hate but somehow you’d still feel for her; also,  a character who makes questionable decisions you won’t understand but you’d still wish for her happiness; and then a character who’s blinded by revenge but you’d still want her to get what she’s fighting for.

All this time Han So Hee has been playing unconventional leads in equally unconventional K-dramas, and not just played, mind you, because she has portrayed each very well, which just proves one thing—her gem of a talent. With an impressive discography like hers, we sure know that Han So Hee is well on her way to taking her place next to Hallyu’s legendary stars. 

Among the hit K-dramas she starred in, which do you think you can be part of? Answer these questions and find out. 

Question 1 of 7.

Which outfit will you wear on a special day?

Question 2 of 7.

Which K-drama genre do you enjoy the most?

1. Action
2. Romance
3. Drama
Question 3 of 7.

Which K-drama pairing do you like?

1. Oppa/Noona x Dongsaeng
2. The Lead x Their Rival/Enemy
3. Friend x Friend
Question 4 of 7.

Which of these would likely be the driving force of your character?

1. Love
2. Revenge
Question 5 of 7.

Which dark past your character would likely have?

1. Failed relationship
2. Mistreatment from people
3. Death of a loved one
Question 6 of 7.

Which kind of love should be in your storyline?

1. Complicated love
2. Forbidden love
3. Unexpected love
Question 7 of 7.

Which Han So Hee?

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Which Han So Hee K-drama Should You Star In?

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