The Ultimate 2020 K-dramas Quiz

We’ve spent most of 2020 on lockdown wherein we had so much time but so little to do. With lots of time to waste away, some stumbled upon K-drama for the first time and fell in love with it; while others dove into more K-dramas like an enthusiastic marathoner finishing a sport one after the other. Just our luck, K-drama binge watching is a lot more fun and exciting as this year’s lineup have arguably the most varied genres and themes, and even surprised us with new ones.

Do you remember the K-dramas that you watched? The stories that you’ve seen that have inspired you? How about the characters whom you’ve met and loved? 

Let’s put that K-drama prowess to the test. Name the 2020 K-dramas based on these dialogues. 

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Women are faithful not because they don’t know how to cheat. They just refrain from doing so because they believe… having trust in each other as a couple is important.

I give up

The World of the Married

This whirlwind K-drama about a vengeful wife and cheating husband called forth the amazon in all of us.  

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If you have a bad image, you become the first person they suspect.

I give up

Flower of Evil

Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won starred in this melodrama thriller about a man who turned away from his vile past and turned over a new leaf, but his perfect life starts to shatter because of a case her detective wife is investigating. 

Question 3 of 20.

From time to time, we find ourselves struggling. We fight and get disappointed. There are days when we hated each other. Thanks to that, we understand each other better. We learn to appreciate each other more. And we love more.

I give up

18 Again

This heartwarming K-drama about a struggling father who mysteriously comes back as his younger self for a second chance to amend his relationship with his wife and kids has thought us the lessons on regrets in life, consequences of one's choices, and the love of family. 

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Question 4 of 20.

But if we humans are forced to face an apocalypse, will we choose another form of evolution, or will we choose to remain human?

I give up

Sweet Home

Adapted from a webtoon, this apocalyptic K-drama is centered on the ass-kicking residents of a derelict apartment building who fight off cursed monsters to survive. 

Question 5 of 20.

Because people aren’t like machines that can be fixed when they’re broken. Sometimes they just need to be alone.

I give up

My Holo Love

This K-drama revolved around the ultra advance love triangle between a woman who is suffering from face blindness, a humanlike AI, and a reclusive genius programmer. 

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Question 6 of 20.

I have no blood flowing through me, but it feels like boiling. I have no heart, but it feels like it’s on fire.

I give up

Zombie Detective

This comedy noir starred Choi Jin Hyuk as an undead who takes on the identity of a dead detective to find out who he was and about his death which coincidentally led to how he was zombifiedall with the help of an intrepid reporter played by Park Joo Hyun. 

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Question 7 of 20.

When your brain and heart are saying two different things, your heart is right. Just follow your heart, then you won’t regret it.

I give up

Hospital Playlist

This medical K-drama centers on the lives of five longtime friends who work in the same hospital and share the same love for music. 

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Question 8 of 20.

Just like the cartoon character, I once dreamed of magically transforming into a beautiful fairy. But rather than a character from a sweet cartoon, that’s when I figured out I was more like a character from a horror comic book born with a cursed face.

I give up

True Beauty

Based on a famous webtoon of the same name, this K-drama showed us real beauty above and beyond what the eyes can see. 

Question 9 of 20.

Among real numbers, zero is my favorite. You have the nature of that number. Usually, a zero means there is nothing, but it’s actually a number of absolute power. It can nullify any number or take everything away from it.

I give up

The King: Eternal Monarch

The fantasy K-drama about a modern-day royal who tries to protect his kingdom and a detective who tries to protect the people she loves, and how their love transcends parallel worlds. 

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Question 10 of 20.

Sailing off without a map was marvelous. I might've failed, but I have no regrets. Never did. Never will.

I give up


Starring Nam Joo Hyuk, Bae Suzy, and Kim Seon Ho, this K-drama told the stories of young dreamers who aspire to make their dreams into reality. 

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Question 11 of 20.

I realized that it’s a great joy to give. And that you end up feeling sorry if you are the one to always receive. I regret that it was only after death that I learned this through my loved ones.

I give up

Hi Bye, Mama!

This K-drama tearjerker revolves around the story of a mother who passed away but is given a second chance at life to be with her family and friends who are yearning for her. 

Question 12 of 20.

“It’s just … I want my bitter night and my life to be sweet.”

I give up

Itaewon Class

This Park Seo Joon-led K-drama showed us the meaning of how important it is to fight for our dreams even when it seemed impossible to reach. 

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Question 13 of 20.

Some people never share their worries their entire life. They build their own cottage inside their hearts and never leave that cottage their entire life.

I give up

I'll Find You on a Beautiful Day

Set in a humble book store in a countryside, this K-drama revolved around a warm story of forgiveness, healing, and love. 

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Question 14 of 20.

You just need to summon the evil spirit in him and the souls of the people that the evil spirit ate.

I give up

The Uncanny Counter

This K-drama, based on a popular webtoon, revolved around extraordinary humans who work at a noodle restaurant by day and hunt evil spirits at night. 

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Question 15 of 20.

Be stubborn. That’s the privilege of youth, after all.

I give up

Record of Youth

Park Bo Gum, together with Park So Dam and Byeon Woo Seok, starred in this K-drama about finding hope, love, and success in a world wherein these are difficult to find. 

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Question 16 of 20.

However severe the disease, there is always a cure. This is no different.

I give up

Kingdom Season 2

This zombie-infested thriller set in Joseon period that is such an edge-of-your-seat it kept us biting our lips with fear and tension like a rabid undead. 

Question 17 of 20.

Just like humans, animals are drawn to people who like them.

I give up


The thriller K-drama about a military dog trainer who was assigned to a search group that fought  monstrous creatures in the demilitarized zone. 

Question 18 of 20.

All jobs are precious, whether it’s an office job at the big firm or a part time job at the convenience store.

I give up

Backstreet Rookie

Starring Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung, this slice of life K-drama was based on the webtoon Convenience Store Saet-byul. 

Question 19 of 20.

Dreams are expensive. It's even more expensive for a kid without parents.

I give up


A riveting K-drama about an orphan but gifted high school student who resorted to running an illegal business to make a life for himself. 

Question 20 of 20.

Your body is honest. When you’re in physical pain, you cry. But the heart is a liar. It stays quiet even when it’s hurting.

I give up

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Star-crossed lovers, an antisocial children's book writer and a selfless psych ward caretaker, crossed paths and found love in spite of their intertwined traumas in this dark fairy tale-like K-drama. 

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The Ultimate 2020 K-dramas Quiz

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