What Kind of Counter Are You?

It’s always fascinating to live beyond the normal world. Lucky that we live with books, movies, dramas, and series that can bring us in the world of fantasy. Hero-themed story is classic and can always give us the excitement to witness the chosen humans who are gifted with supernatural powers to fight against danger. K-dramas are definitely not in scarcity when it comes to this genre. And when we thought we had already seen too much extremely good series this 2020, The Uncanny Counter came, and a new group of characters and heroes to fancy has born. They are the evil spirit hunters, disguising as ordinary people in a noodle house—the Counters.

Yes, it might be terrifying to be in a life-death situation, but to be given a choice to have your life back in lieu of fighting evils can be exciting and rewarding. In case you wake up one day and an offer to be a Counter is in front of your eyes, will you take it? Let’s assume you said yes, what kind of fighter you think you will be; what kind of Counter you will play? Find out through these questions!

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As a Counter, you should have a special ability that is unique from the rest of your co-evil spirit hunters. Which one describes your most desired power?

1. Healing
2. Turning things into money
3. Unbeatable Strength
4. Settling Ghost's Grudge
5. Hearing what people are thinking
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Before being a Counter, you were an ordinary human. Most humans who are gifted with powers have unforgettable past and sometimes even related to someone from hundred years ago. If you lived when King is still the ruler in Korea, who do you think you were?

1. A Military Head
2. A Scholar
3. A King
4. A Royal Medical Staff
5. A Member of King's Special Task Force
Question 3 of 5.

Every encounter with an evil spirit, you’re already putting one foot in the grave. When the evil spirit is too strong and you have no choice but to face death, reincarnation comes next as your option. In the next life, what do you want to be?

1. A Police Officer
2. A President
3. A Secret Agent
4. A Chef and Five Star Restaurant Owner
5. A CEO
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If to reincarnate as a human is not an option, which animal do you want to be in your next life?

1. Tiger
2. Dog
3. Butterfly
4. Horse
5. Cat
Question 5 of 5.

Outside the life of a Counter, you should also enjoy living as a human and do a hobby that can help to polish your given strength. Which sports would you like to try?

1. Fencing
2. Boxing
3. Cycling
4. Weightlifting
5. Baseball

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What Kind of Counter Are You?

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