Can You Guess Which 2021 K-drama These Places Belong to?

What’s your favorite K-drama this year? Perhaps there are lots that made it in your ultimate favorite K-dramas list, and there are some that you gave up on after a few episodes. But I’m pretty sure there are more cases in the former than the latter. 

Do you remember all the K-dramas that you’ve watched this year? Want to flex your K-drama prowess? Bring your A-game and answer this quiz: Identify which 2021 K-drama these places belong to.  

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Question 1 of 10.

This picturesque library

I give up

Love Alarm / Love Alarm Season 2

The second installment of the series that followed a love triangle and a fictitious app that helps its users discover love.

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Question 2 of 10.

This majestic mountaintop

I give up


With the Jiri Mountain as backdrop, rangers work to save people from the natural dangers of mountaineering and from a vengeful killer lurking there. 

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Question 3 of 10.

This neon-lighted storefront

I give up

Sisyphus: The Myth

The story of a woman who traveled through time from a future dystopian world to save it from complete destruction, as well as the genius engineer who may have started it. 

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Question 4 of 10.

This barricaded apartment complex

I give up


The story that showed how human nature can be as cruel and deadly, probably even more, as a terrifying illness. 

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Question 5 of 10.

This stately statue

I give up

Law School

A murder rattles a pretigious law school and entangling a law professor and his students, putting to the test achieving real justice through law. 

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Question 6 of 10.

This cozy house that doubles as an office

I give up

Move to Heaven

The story of second chances, acceptance, and finding peace starring a recently paroled man being designated to be the guardian of his estranged nephew and their family’s business of taking care of the deceased's belongings. 

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Question 7 of 10.

This warm chill spot

I give up

Hospital Playlist / Hospital Playlist Season 2

The sequel and finale (sad! still hoping though) of the story of five doctor friends as they navigate through life and love wisely. 

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Question 8 of 10.

This decrepit building

I give up


A mafia becomes an unlikely hero in his motherland as he comes up against an evil conglomerate.

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Question 9 of 10.

This office with the view of the sea

I give up

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Set in a small town where two people found forgiveness, second chance at life, family, and love. 

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Question 10 of 10.

This eerie bathroom

I give up

Squid Game

Arguably the most successful K-drama released in recent years, the show that gave children’s games a very dark and deathly spin.

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Can You Guess Which 2021 K-drama These Places Belong to?

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