Which Vincenzo’s Geumga Plaza Tenant Are You?

Song Joong Ki has never failed—be it in playing iconic characters or just showing his immeasurable charisma to the K-drama world. And Vincenzo is another portrayal that he totally owned every weekend, bringing us the can-be-cruel-but-has-definitely-a-soft-side Mafia Adviser from Italy.

Aside from Song Joong Ki’s proven influence, the 20-epsiode Korean drama can easily make it to the list of 2021’s best because of all the characters that uniquely stood out and complemented Vincenzo’s story, proving that a family can be built even if you are not bonded by blood. The tenants of Geumga Plaza brought us to a community, making us wish to be part of their chaotic yet unified household.

Well, you can turn that wish into reality for some minutes by taking this quiz and find out which Cassano family member fits closest to your personality.

Question 1 of 8.

When you are in a party, you’ll probably …

1. overdress
2. get drunk
3. eat as much as I can
4. underdress
5. dance like there’s no tomorrow
6. socialize over a drink
Question 2 of 8.

Which item will definitely be in your bedroom?

Question 3 of 8.

If you found bars of gold, what’s the first thing you’ll do?

1. Donate.
2. Buy a property.
3. Settle all the debts.
4. Book a one-way ticket and settle in a foreign country.
Question 4 of 8.

You will probably lend a hand to …

1. someone who needs a shelter.
2. someone who’s starving.
3. someone who’s in a huge debt.
4. someone who’s being bullied.
Question 5 of 8.

Which Vincenzo?

Question 6 of 8.

For self-defense, you prefer to use …

1. Physical Strength
2. Knife
3. Gun
Question 7 of 8.

Which business you’ll likely open if someone offers you a free commercial space?

1. Restaurant
2. Game Store
3. Travel Agency
4. Coffee Shop
5. Mini Market
6. Clothing Boutique
Question 8 of 8.

Which is the most interesting job for you?

1. Athlete
2. Pilot
3. Secret Agent
4. Art Teacher
5. Public Defender
6. Chef

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Which Vincenzo’s Geumga Plaza Tenant Are You?

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