Nevertheless, Love Comes in Different Ways

Who knew that butterflies can be as seductive as how Nevertheless, portrayed it? The steamy chemistry of Han So Hee and Song Kang just made this 10-episode Korean drama worth watching despite multiple emotions that we’ve to experience while witnessing the world of these art students. Likewise, every story of the people and pairings who surrounded Na Bi and Jae Eon made this series both conventionally and unconventionally attractive.

Let’s revisit the many forms of relationships, affections, heartbreaks, sacrifices, understanding, respect—and among others—through these different couples.

It’s Complicated, But Don’t Make it Toxic

AYU Nevertheless 1
Photo: Netflix

Their relationship gives a certain comfort and contentment; but the uncertainty brings a lot of frustrations. Will you stick with this kind of set-up? Do you find this healthy or toxic?

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First Love

AYU Nevertheless 2
Photo: Netflix

We just love to keep those sweet smiles in Yang Do Hyuk, don’t we?

More Than Friends

AYU Nevertheless 3
Photo: Netflix

Friends/Enemies to lovers? We’re always up for that trope. All those bickering turned to sweet moments always feel casually comforting.

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Comfort at Home

AY Nevertheless 4
Photo: Netflix

The healthiest pair we have. There’s no room for arguments (sorry)

Love Wins, Always

AY Nevertheless 5
Photo: Netflix

We might have developed an extreme girl crush to Yoon Sol, but Ji Wan has the last laugh.

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Which among these pairings made you feel all those butterflies in your stomach? Which ones made you frustrated and wanting to surrender? We fall in love, we cry, we laugh, with them as as they get through their own love battles. Nevertheless, we did enjoy these multiple forms of love.

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