Singer Lee Seung Gi’s Superior Moments in Master in the House

Most Jack of all trades unfortunately also turns out to be master of none—what with all the things he dabbles in, it definitely will be impossible to master every thing he sets his hands on. However, this does not apply one bit in Lee Seung Gi’s case because he seems to juggle all of his trades just fine… actually, a bit more than fine cause he shuffles all of them masterfully, having starred in top-rated series one after another and hosting several hit variety shows like the currently running Master in the House wherein he continually surprises everyone at how incredibly adept he is. 

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But before he impressed us as a star MC and a top-tier actor, LSG was—and still rightfully is—a singer, and a very good one at that. Well he won’t be called a Triple Threat Entertainer for no reason, right? 

His acting and hosting stints may have kept him from his original path for quite a long time now, but LSG decided it’s time to come back to his roots—and we couldn’t agree more—with the release of his 7th album, The Project. 

Here are some clips from Master in the House that show LSG’s superior singing moments.

Who could blame renowned actress and happily married Moon So Ri for her squealings when LSG sang “Because You’re My Woman”… ’cause same, girl, same. LSG managed to immortalize this song, still making girls—of all ages—swoon like crazy just like he did when he debuted with this single back in 2004.

LSG sang the same hit song in karaoke admittedly for the first time, but sounded like he has been belting this song in noraebang incessantly for years. Guess the score he got at the end… cause it seemed like LSG has made a new fan out of the karaoke machine.

LSG delivered another high-class singing in a karaoke performance when he sang “Please” with actor Kim Nam Gil.

LSG proved he’s an a-grade singer when he wowed everyone, even singer-songwriter Lee Moon Sae—a legendary icon of Korean pop, when he finished perfectly a recording in only one take. Talk about genius musicality.

LSG channeled Rain’s sexy swag when he sang and teased a few dance to “How to Avoid the Sun,” impressing singer-songwriter and idol-maker JYP.

LSG touched hearts as he paid tribute to his discoverer and mentor—no other than Korea’s National Diva Lee Sun Hee.

LSG delivered an on par performance with the Emperor of Ballads Shin Seung Hun in this nostalgic cover of “I Believe,” sending flashbacks of the hit classic “My Sassy Girl”.

LSG is known as the Ballad Prince, but he suprisingly slayed in Trot when he performed with Korea’s Trot Prince Park Hyun Bin.

LSG showed his out-of-this-world vocal power in this performance of “Forbidden Love” that will surely leave your jaw dropped and your hands slow clapping.

Singer LSG teased his long-awaited comeback after five years in the pre-release ballad single “The Ordinary Man” which proves his singing is nowhere near ordinary.

LSG is a certified multi-entertainer and powerhouse in the Korean entertainment industry that comes hardly ever. He truly is a rare gem that should be treasured for a long time.

*Airen, what’s your favorite Lee Seung Gi singing moment? Share them in the comment section below.

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8 thoughts on “Singer Lee Seung Gi’s Superior Moments in Master in the House

  1. Nice write up. Truly, LSG is a rare gem, he is good at everything he does because he works so hard. A very diligent guy who puts his heart in his craft. He is a right-thinking guy who is very grateful to his fans that is why we Airens love him so much. He makes us proud to be his fans and he never ceases to amaze us.

    1. Thank you, Lalaine! LSG’s passion is astounding and he never fails to surprise us at how good he is at literally everything. Like seriously, is there anything that he can’t do well? He works so hard and at the same time you can really see how much he loves and respects his job. There is really nothing to do but love him. <3

  2. Great write-up! Beautifully written. LSG is indeed rare gem. Glad I discovered him. I am amazed and inspired by all his dedication and hard work at everything he does. My top fav moments would actually be his forbidden love cover and his rain cover albeit short one with jyp.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! Glad I did as well, though I was a bit too late cause I only knew him after watching Vagabond, but I diligently caught up with his contents. He is a very passionate and inspiring guy, and stanning him is the perfect choice. His cover of Forbidden Love still amazes me even after watching it for the nth time. <3

  3. Lee Seung Gi is truly a gem in the Korean entertainment and movie industry. Due to his diligence, hard work and love for his art, he succeded in everything he does. He is not only loved by Korean fans but by international fans as well and he deserved all of it.

    1. I agree with you, Belinda! I hope he’ll soon get more recognizition and love that a very hardworking, passionate, and inspiring guy like him deserves. LSG deserves world domination. <3

      1. O Lee Seung Gi é maravilhoso, ouví-lo cantar pelas manhãs, como fiz hoje não tem preço. Que voz, que interpretação!
        Amo tudo que vejo dele e quero ouví-lo ainda mais. Ele é uma jóia rara, que nasce de tempos em tempos.????????????????❤

        1. Oi Lúcia! Lee Seung Gi é bom em quase tudo, mas é excepcionalmente perfeito quando canta. Estou feliz agora que podemos ouvi-lo mais. <3
          * Isto é traduzido pelo Google, espero não ter cometido um erro drástico. ;D

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