Which Lee Jong Suk Is Your Ideal Guy?

2021 started with great news for all the fans of Lee Jong Suk as he’s finally back from his military service. His almost two-year hiatus left a missing link for the Korean drama enthusiasts who are fond of seeing Lee Jong Suk nailing and owning every character—be it as “ordinary” male lead or with special gift in fantasy dramas.

Among the exceptional roles that Lee Jong Suk played, who’ll you likely fall for? Which character has almost all your criteria for an ideal guy? Find out in this quiz.

Question 1 of 10.

You prefer to receive a …

1. a new dress
2. a pair of shoes
3. letter
4. a bag
Question 2 of 10.

Your guy should always have this to lift your mood.

1. A cute gesture that he only does for you.
2. A joke that never gets old.
3. A bottle of wine to get ready for a deep talk.
4. Sweets.
Question 3 of 10.

Which pair of shoes?

1. formal
2. casual
Question 4 of 10.

Which Korean street food you definitely have to try on a first date?

Question 5 of 10.

Which travel destination is more romantic?

Seoul, South Korea
Question 6 of 10.

Which K-drama genre is always in your watch list?

Question 7 of 10.

Which job you find most interesting?

1. Novelist
2. Journalist
3. Public Defender
4. Judge
Question 8 of 10.

It looks more attractive when …

1. a guy is into suits
2. a guy is into t-shirts
Question 9 of 10.

This season tells it’s time to fall in love.

Question 10 of 10.

You prefer a guy who is …

1. Understanding
2. Patient
3. Smart
4. Brave

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All 10 questions completed!

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Which Lee Jong Suk Is Your Ideal Guy?

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