Which Youth With You 2 Performance Will You Do with Wang Chengxuan?

The cute-looking but can-be-naughty-on-the-dance-floor trainee from Taiwan has touched a lot of the international fans’ dancing souls, during and after her participation in the Chinese survival show, Youth With You 2. Aside from her evident skills in killing any dance concept, Wang Chengxuan or internationally known as Sharon Wang, has also showcased her passion on creating lyrics and has delivered each line through rapping. In every stage performance, it’s just hard not to notice this young aspiring idol and you might once hope that you could watch her perform live. Or an even better wish, you can dance with her in one of the stages she’s in on Youth With You. So, here are some minutes for your wish to be granted; and find out which performance will you do with Sharon by answering these questions.

Question 1 of 5.

What kind of music vibe you are always ready to groove in?

1. Chill
2. Bubbly, sweet
3. Sexy
4. Casual, free
5. Powerful
6. Inspiring
7. Sassy
8. Cool
Question 2 of 5.

Which stage do you always enjoy watching?

1. When I feel strong after seeing the performance
2. When I feel chic, trendy after seeing the performance
3. When I feel naughty after seeing the performance
4. When I feel empowered after seeing the performance
5. When I feel like I can be easy-going after seeing the performance
6. When I feel confident after seeing the performance
7. When I feel free after seeing the performance
8. When I feel like a child again after seeing the performance
Question 3 of 5.

Which talent combination do you think you’re good at or you’ve been wanting to try?

1. Dancing and Singing (R&B)
2. Dancing and Singing (Pop Rock)
3. Dancing and Rapping
4. Dancing and Singing (Pop)
Question 4 of 5.

Which outfit do you feel most comfortable and confident?

1. Denim
2. Black top and skirt
3. Crop top and pants
4. Shirt and skirt
5. Shirt and pants
6. Polo shirt and pants
7. Crop top with blazer and shorts
Question 5 of 5.

What kind of hairstyle you are always ready to slay?

1. High ponytail, wavy
2. High ponytail, straight
3. Half ponytail
4. Braid
5. Hair down, wavy
6. Pigtail
7. Hair down, clip on one side
8. Hair down, straight

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Which Youth With You 2 Performance Will You Do with Wang Chengxuan?

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