Fujii Kaze Song Lyrics That Give Us the Feels

Aside from their pleasant-to-the-ears sound that will make you sing them out loud, out of nowhere for days, Fujii Kaze’s songs also possess a lush of profound and perceptive lyricism that speaks to the listener and talks about our very core as humans — our deepest thoughts, scariest fears, and wildest dreams. He has this kind of music that you don’t just enjoy listening and singing along to, it is a kind that resonates with you on a deep level.

Here are Fujii Kaze’s song lyrics that never fail to give us the feels. 


The regrets that made you learn a lot

Can be easily forgotten by living every day life

With a fresh and empty resolve in your heart


You’re not better or worse than anything

There’s no such thing as winning or losing


For me, of course I wanted to stay with you forever

But nobody can escape from goodbyes, eventually?


Wounds will eventually scab over

And soon it will fall off, goodbye


You’re worried about the future

I’m still attached to the past

This is our last time, I supposed to be a God

But still, we’re too much human

I looked at the world without me

From above, and I found out

It keeps on turning exactly the same as always

That made me feel a little bit easier

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Surrender to the changing season

Go with the flow of life

Whatever will be, will be

Accept everything as it is

“Shinunoga E-Wa”

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who would give me the most fairest love of them all?

No need to ask cause it’s my darling

“Kiri Ga Naikara”

Cause it’s endless

I’ll just end it here

Or I’ll just end up strayin’ around endlessly

Because there’s no way out

I’ll just put up a fight here

This journey of life ain’t that easy


In extreme weather, in a crazy crowd

With you, I can go smoothly, smoothly

Our brand-new future, awkward past

Everything will be shiny, yeah


I’m gonna love you for the rest of my life

I’m gonna protect you forever and ever

I love me, and I

Will keep him in a safest, fairest, happiest place baby

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I know there’s bright light

Smoldering in your heart

Now burst into flames and let the sun see it

Look up and know it’s waiting

“Seishun Sick”

Suffering from Seishun Sick

Just chasing after ephemeral things

One day we’ll just turn to dust and scatter

Seishun [youth] is the color of bruises

Say goodbye to Seishun [teenage dream]


The things we thought will last forever

Couldn’t be found in this world

But everything we’ve seen

Everything we’ve touched

Has a meaning to be found in each of them

“Lonely Rhapsody”

Loneliness is just a delusion

That we don’t have to care about

‘Cause we’re all living under the same stars

‘Cause we’re all breathing the same air


I’m so done with the days of fear
That I could hardly breathe
I flew them high in the sky
Now I’m invincible

You are me, I am you
From the moment we realized
That everyone is just the same
We are all equally shining bright

“Cho Si Noccha Te”

I’ll never repeat that again

That embarrassing mistake

Like I’ve lived on my own and I’ve accomplished it

There is nothing I can take for granted

There is no such thing as “mine”


Not particularly

I do not particularly have wants

I walk with no expectation

Not Particularly I do not particularly have wishes

I let myself go with the flow

Expecting something in return

Would always make us end up hurting

Craving for some rewards

Would always make us hungry

“Workin’ Hard”

I’ll do it thoroughly With dignity

Then perish beautifully ~


Holding a bouquet of wilted flowers under my arm

I was searching for the beauty that would never fade

I trusted you and me

I was feeling you and me

I’m going to bloom

The flower inside of me

I’m going to find

The flower inside of me

“満ちてゆく (Michi Teyu Ku/Overflowing)”

Opening up our hearts to shine

It brightens up the darkness

And shows us the way

In time

We will be connected beyond life and death

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