Spotlight on Ondo’s Simple Life

There are many contents to indulge in if you are a fan of many things that are Korean, like in music and in films. This fascination more often than not extends toward developing interest in their everyday life. And what great way to see and somehow experience this side of Korea than to watch Korean vloggers, right?

There are so many Korean vloggers on Youtube that you can choose from, but one of my personal favorite is Ondo’s Simple Life. Ondo—the vlogger—shows her, well, simple life. But, don’t be fooled by the humble wording ‘cause yes it may be a montage of how she spends her day but you’ll definitely find yourself entertained and hooked. 

Here are the reasons why I love watching her vlogs and why you should start watching them too. 

Aesthetic Apartment

There are many things to see in Ondo’s vlogs, but you can’t help but notice, more on stare at actually, the aesthetic of her apartment. Every thing in her place seem to compliment and jive with each other—from her appliances and furnitures to her decorations and plants—all of them make a perfect mixture of light-colored and earth hue-accented interior that is very much appealing to the eyes.

Room Tour Vlog: My New Apartment Tour!

Food, food, and more food

Ondo’s vlog doesn’t go short on food of any kind from Korean delicacies, pastas, baked sweets, refreshing drinks and teas to handmade yogurt and jams. And aside from they all look very delicious, most of them are doable that is why her viewers always have something to recreate. Plus factor, her kitchen tools are equally appetizing to the eyes, like her earth-hued pans and plates and quaint glasses and cups. 

Compilation of Cooking & Baking Videos 1

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Arts and crafts

In her vlog, Ondo often shows her artistic side with her doodles and illustrations and different hobbies like painting, macramé, stitching, shooting with film cameras, and journaling. Her trying on and learning different crafts and hobbies will definitely make you want to reach out for that art tools that are gathering dust in the corner and get creative yourself. I personally love her gift wrapping, so it is something to watch out for.

A Day In My Life: Home-cooking & Vintage Props Haul & Bullet Journal


Like most pets, Ondo’s Greeny steals the show with his sassy cuteness whenever he appears on the screen. His rich green eyes—hence his name, fluffly body, and witty “dialogues” make him one of the things to look forward to in her vlogs.

A cat who understands his name and answers

So, in case you are on lookout for vlogs, I highly suggest Ondo’s simple yet charming life.

Follow her simple life here.

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