Which Hwang Min Hyun Will You Fall for?

His captivating eyes will put you into a spell of whoever and whatever he’s trying to portray. We may have initially loved Hwang Min Hyun as an idol, but we equally adore him as an actor. Whether he’s in a fantasy series or wearing a school uniform, we can simply get mesmerized by his overflowing visuals mix with innocence and curiosity. But, we have to come to a decision and pick which of his K-drama characters is closest to your ideal guy. Which among them you’ll likely fall for?

Question 1 of 6.

Which K-drama genre is always in your watchlist?

School Drama
Question 2 of 6.

Which outfit do you find the most attractive?

Question 3 of 6.

Which type of guy do you fall for?

1. Loyal
2. Warm-hearted
3. Passionate
Question 4 of 6.

Which flower would you love to receive on a first date?

Question 5 of 6.

Which of these do you find the most interesting?

1. Animals and Nature
2. Social issues
3. Music is life
Question 6 of 6.

Which season do you think it's time to fall in love?


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Which Hwang Min Hyun Will You Fall for?

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