12 Life Lessons from Daily Dose of Sunshine

Daily Dose of Sunshine, with its 12-episode run, shared heartfelt stories that made us see what it’s like––perhaps just a fraction of it––to live with the burden of being afflicted mentally. But not only did it let us get a glimpse on how a mental disorder can torment a person suffering from it, the drama, has also imparted learnings that came to us like rays of sunshine, casting away the dark clouds that tower over a vital part of humanity that’s long been misunderstood, brushed aside, and kept hidden. 

Despite the stigma that surrounds the issue on mental health and psychiatric care, the Netflix series, which was based on the book Morning Comes To Psychiatric Wards Too, was able to deliver their narrative with utmost care by being informative about each patient’s case and at the same time, by humanizing them and their struggles. In spite of the drama being set within the walls of a psychiatric ward, it never once presented their stories in a way that would bring fear, despair, or hopelessness; rather, they perfectly balanced all the emotional aspects of the show, driving each episode home to an emotionally fulfilling healing for each and every character, giving them and us a dose of sunshine in a rather bleak world.

Here are the 12 life lessons we learned from Daily Dose of Sunshine that each serves as a beacon of light, shining on the murky realities of mental health. 

Episode 1: The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn

“The darkest of nights cannot go on forever. Soon enough, morning light will shine.”

Episode 2: Not in the Mood for Work

“Please don’t shoulder the blame for other’s mistakes, I hope you can love yourself a little more.”

Episode 3: Safety Net

“Work on surrounding yourself with people who make you feel that way too. People that can take care of you when you have a bad panic attack, when you feel like you’re going to die any moment, They’re the ones who will help you breathe.”

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Episode 4: In Search of a Ray of Hope

“Humans have a tendency to pin all the blame on others when they’re powerless to make a change. They hate and blame some other person because it’s potentially all they have left to hold onto.”

Episode 5: When Life Tells You to Slow Down

“The ability to look back on your emotions is so important. Imagine that your feelings also have muscles. As we engage physically to become healthier, we must train our minds for the same reason.”

Episode 6: A Day in the Life of a Mage

“A big jump takes a lot of groundwork. Your stay here was like crouching to get ready to go higher than ever.”

Episode 7: The Left Behind

“We are just survivors. Survivors constantly coping with loss. But we mustn’t let it stop us. Instead, we should simply keep living each day.”

Episode 8: Expiration Date on Grief

“I think it’d be great if you could like yourself more. Try to stop focusing so much on what others think or say. Try loving yourself.”

Episode 9: I’m a Nurse with Depression

“It’s so strange. We always notice other people’s flaws before our own flaws. When it comes to that, we’re all blind.”

Episode 10: The Hardest Part of a Journey

“I learned that complimenting myself is a lot more rewarding than receiving a compliment from others.”

Episode 11: And the Journey Continues

“Other people may not get it, but don’t feel guilty for a crime you didn’t commit. You were just sick. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Episode 12: Daily Dose of Sunshine

“Each one of us is standing on the border between normal and abnormal.”

*What’s the one thing you learned from a Daily Dose of Sunshine that you cherish the most? Share them in the comments section below.

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