Which Nam Joo Hyuk K-drama Should You Star in?

Nam Joo Hyuk never fails to captivate us with his impressive acting, beguiling boy next door charm, and broad shoulders. He makes us fall for him with the characters he played, plays, and will play, proving that he was born to woo us K-drama fans. 

I’m sure you enjoyed every K-drama in Nam Joo Hyuk’s filmography to the point that it made you wonder what it would be like to live in that world. All of us did, too. But of course, we can only imagine. 

Curious to find out which of his K-drama you should star in? Answer this quiz and find out. 

Question 1 of 6.

Which K-drama genre do you enjoy the most?

1. Melodrama
2. School/Youth drama
3. Action/Adventure
4. Romance
Question 2 of 6.

Which of these times should your storyline be set in?

1. Present
2. Past and Present
3. Present and Future
Question 3 of 6.

Which of these places should be the main setting of your storyline?

1. School
2. Workplace
3. Rural neighborhood
4. City
Question 4 of 6.

Which type of guy will win you over?

1. Someone who is sweet.
2. Someone who is responsible.
3. Someone who is brave.
4. Someone who is passionate.
Question 5 of 6.

Which of these actresses should play the lead in the K-drama adaptation of your life story?

1. Bae Suzy
2. Han Ji Min
3. Jung Yu Mi
4. Kim Tae Ri
5. Lee Sung Kyung
6. Shin Se Kyung
Question 6 of 6.

Which Nam Joo Hyuk?

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(Photo from W Korea)
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Which Nam Joo Hyuk K-drama Should You Star in?

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