Which Jeon Jong Seo Are You?

Jeon Jong Seo may still be building her filmography, but she has already delivered several memorable characters that proved her A-list level talent. Her masterly portrayal in the films The Call and Nothing Serious and in the drama Money Heist: Korea made us excited and look forward to seeing more of her in her future projects. And with a caliber such as hers, we sure can expect more.

We are awed by all the characters that Jeon Jong Seo played, but we surely have one that we can relate to the most. Want to know who among the characters that she played in the films and drama she starred in reflects your personality? Answer these questions and find out.

Question 1 of 7.

Which of these adjectives describe you?

1. Candid
2. Independent
3. Fearless
Question 2 of 7.

Which of these traits people often complain about you?

1. Reckless
2. Unforgiving
3. Provocative
Question 3 of 7.

Which of these pairs of shoes would you wear on an important day?

Question 4 of 7.

How did you meet your friends?

1. They are your childhood friends or friends you met in school.
2. They are friends you met at work.
3. They are friends you met through social media.
Question 5 of 7.

Which of these famous girl friends would you likely be friends with?

Question 6 of 7.

With whom do you share your problems?

1. To your one closest friend
2. To your close group of friends
3. To a stranger you click with instantly
Question 7 of 7.

How would you end a tiring day?

1. On your bed, listening to music
2. At a bar or neighborhood restaurant, drinking a beer or two
3. On your couch, watching tv

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Which Jeon Jong Seo Are You?

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