Which K-Drama Should You Watch in June 2023?

New month means new exciting K-dramas to look forward to. Likewise, there are also still ongoing series that are making a lot of buzz, but we can’t seem to decide which one should we actually start watching. We fully know the dilemma. So, here are some questions to help you choose which among the ongoing and upcoming Korean dramas you should watch this June.

Question 1 of 7.

Which K-drama “pairing” you want to watch next?

1. Human-Supernatural
2. Boss-Employee
3. Brotherhood
4. Two empowered female leads
Question 2 of 7.

Which setting in the dramaverse do you fancy the most?

1. Home
2. Hotel
3. Historical, Vintage
4. Hospital
Question 3 of 7.

Which timeline do you like watching more?

1. Past
2. Both
3. Present
Question 4 of 7.

How much romance do you love seeing?

1. 30%
2. 90%
3. 50%
4. 70%
Question 5 of 7.

Which K-drama genre you recently finished?

1. Slice of life
2. Fantasy
3. Romcom
4. Thriller
Question 6 of 7.

Pick your leading man.

Question 7 of 7.

Pick your female lead.

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All 7 questions completed!

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Which K-Drama Should You Watch in June 2023?

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