Which All of Us Are Dead Character Are You?

Imagine on a normal school day as you are on the hallway, a student standing weirdly on the other end suddenly jerks and turns towards you, with their mouth bleeding and eyes devoid of anything but overpowering hunger; and then they see you and charge at you, knowing full well that you're the one who can satisfy that hunger, a scary data that registers in your brain as they close the distance with a menacing screech.  What will you do? Will you run and hide or fight for your life? How will you survive if you find yourself stranded in a school that is fraught with zombies? 

Whatever your choice may be, take a seat and welcome to zombie apocalypse, high school edition. Answer these questions to find out which All of Us Are Dead character you are. 

Question 1 of 10.

Which are you more of?

1. Leader
2. Follower
Question 2 of 10.

How big is your friend group?

1. The more, the merrier
2. Me and my best friend
3. Me, myself, and I
Question 3 of 10.

What's the one thing you have that can help you survive a zombie apocalypse?

1. Courage
2. Strength
3. Know-hows
4. Intelligence
Question 4 of 10.

How do you think you will react the first time you see a zombie charging towards you?

1. Freeze in place
2. Run to safety
3. Attack
Question 5 of 10.

You are guarding the door when someone comes knocking, however a trail of zombie is behind them, would you open the door?

1. Yes
2. Will do only when it is safe to
Question 6 of 10.

Your group decided to go out on a mission. What would you do?

1. I'm the one who initiated it so I'm an automatic go.
2. I'll volunteer, can't just sit back and wait.
3. I'll go when I'm needed.
4. I don't do anything rush, stupid, or pointless.
Question 7 of 10.

Your group is cornered by a zombie hoard, which would you likely do?

1. Create a fortress for protection
2. Find a way out of the situation
Question 8 of 10.

Your best friend got infected by the virus, can you drive them out for everyone's safety?

1. Sadly, yes, because I have to.
2. I'll hold on until the last second before they completely turned.
Question 9 of 10.

If you can only pick one, which of these characters would you want to survive a zombie apocalypse with?

Question 10 of 10.

Which is the superior among these Korean zombie movies/dramas?

1. Train to Busan
2. Happiness
3. Kingdom
4. The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale

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Which All of Us Are Dead Character Are You?

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