Are You More Itaewon Class’s Jo Yi Seo or The Witch’s Young Ja Yoon?

Kim Da Mi has already made more acting achievements than most actresses her age. A young talent worthy to watch out for. Her outstanding touch to acting has delivered memorable performances and characters. Who could forget her portrayal in The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion and Itaewon Class when she introduced us to dynamic characters Young Ja Yoon and Jo Yi Seo whom we’ve come to adore? 

I’m pretty sure you still clearly remember them up to this day. 

Do you want to know which Kim Da Mi character you are? Answer these questions to find out if you are more Young Ja Yoon or Jo Yi Seo.

Question 1 of 10.

There's no question about you rocking the short hair, but which will you choose to take it a notch higher?

1. Dye it or highlights with bold shade
2. Natural-looking, soft waves for extra volume
Question 2 of 10.

Which of these outfits will you choose if you're in the mood to dress up?

Question 3 of 10.

What usually happens when you're in a crowd?

1. You blend in.
2. You stand out.
Question 4 of 10.

Imagine you're in class. The teacher asks a question that you know only you know the answer to. What will you do?

1. Wait silently, you know she'll eventually call on you.
2. Raise your hand. Better avoid sitting through wrong answer after another.
Question 5 of 10.

You've just made a huge accomplishment, which of these will you do first?

1. Tell your family or friend about it.
2. Post it on social media. Gotta keep your followers updated.
Question 6 of 10.

Someone's getting on your nerve and testing your patience. What usually happens next?

1. Face them head-on; backing down isn't in your vocabulary
2. Settle it as quietly as possible down to the last bit of patience you have left
Question 7 of 10.

What do your friends say about you?

1. You are as calm as a soft flowing stream.
2. You're a force to be reckoned with.
Question 8 of 10.

Which Park Seo Joon?

From "Fight for My Way"
From "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?"
Question 9 of 10.

Which Choi Woo Sik?

From "Parasite"
From "Train to Busan"
Question 10 of 10.

Which Kim Da Mi?

Next question 1 of 10

All 10 questions completed!

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Are You More Itaewon Class's Jo Yi Seo or The Witch's Young Ja Yoon?

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