6 Times Kim Bum Slayed the Black and White Aesthetic on Instagram

Whether you are new or long-time fan of Korean dramas, the name Kim Bum will always ring a bell. The iconic Boys Over Flowers introduced us to So Ji Yung and Kim Bum simply put his mark in that role. Instagram was still not a big thing, at least was not used mostly by Kim Bum when he took role after role and might gave his followers some behind the scenes portraits. But, when he returned in 2020 after his two-year military service, Kim Bum started fresh with a comeback Instagram post through a black and white photo—declaring that he’s ready to rock this aesthetic.

Here are some of his Instagram black and white photos that he totally slayed and you can always look back and save for *research purpose*.

1. Wet Hair. Hot and Chill Mess

2. Welcome Back indeed. Comeback Photo (Front View)

3. Comeback Photo (Side View)

4. Might Get a Gym Membership too ASAP

5. The Floor Must Be Melting …

6. … And Finding Hard to Breath

Too few? I know. So, leave your favourite Kim Bum black and white photos in the comment section below—even it’s outside the grids of his Instagram account.

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