Which Son Suk Ku Will You Fall for?

Son Suk Ku may not be the typical Korean actor with the flower boy look, but he definitely has a magnetizing charm that pulls us towards him. With his crescent moon eye smile and killer dimples, we cannot help but fall for Son Suk Ku, who is also undeniably one heck of a talented actor that sleeping on his artistry would be a crime no K-drama fan would want to commit.

Did Cha Young Jin pique your interest, stealing attention from the political turmoil in Designated Survivor: 60 Days? Or did Detective Mun make your heart race not just because he was chasing down the sensates but also because of something else in Sense8? Perhaps, it is Mr. Gu who turned your knees to jelly with his tsundere style in My Liberation Notes.

Falling for him is bound to happen one way or another, but who among the characters he played made you fall the hardest? Answer this quiz and find out.

Question 1 of 6.

Which of these is your non-negotiable?

1. He should be dependable.
2. He should be upright.
3. He should be intelligent.
Question 2 of 6.

Which red flag would you likely ignore?

1. You think he is too proud and arrogant.
2. You don't know anything about him.
3. You belong to two opposing sides.
Question 3 of 6.

Which K-drama trope makes your heart flutter?

1. Enemies to lovers
2. Colleagues to lovers
3. Neighbors to lovers
Question 4 of 6.

Where would you go on your first date?

1. Visit a local tourist spot.
2. Go to an art museum.
3. Go on a picnic at the park.
Question 5 of 6.

Which of these love languages?

1. Go out of his comfort zone to do something you want.
2. Admit he is wrong when you're right.
3. Bend the rules for you.
Question 6 of 6.

Which of these Son Suk Ku?

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All 6 questions completed!

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Which Son Suk Ku Will You Fall for?

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