Which of the Bloodhounds Male Leads Is Your Ideal Guy?

Whether it is because of a dream, for revenge, or bringing justice, Woo Do Hwan's Kim Gun Woo and Lee Sang Yi's Hong Woo Jin sure do look good fighting the bad guys and making them pay that we can't help but go all heart eyes on them.

While they are both certified swoon-worthy, throwing punches here and there and even when not, which of them do you think resonates more as your type? Will it be Kim Gun Woo, the prodigious fighter with a heart? Or will it be the easygoing and ever reliable Hong Woo Jin?

Take this quiz and find out which of the Bloodhounds male leads is your ideal guy. 

Question 1 of 7.

Which of these types are you attracted to?

1. The gentle and silent type
2. The easygoing and humurous type
Question 2 of 7.

Which color of uniform would your ideal guy look good in?

1. Red, Black, White
2. Blue, Green, Indigo
Question 3 of 7.

What kind of fighter your ideal guy would be in the ring?

1. The kind who gives his all in every game
2. The kind who pushes himself towards his goal to win
Question 4 of 7.

How would your ideal guy intimidate his opponent?

1. With an unnerving death stare
2. With some fearsome moves
Question 5 of 7.

What kind of person is your ideal guy outside of the ring?

1. The kind who laughs even at leaves falling
2. The kind who is as soft as a feather
Question 6 of 7.

Which food would you enjoy on your first date?

1. Eastern food like Korean, Japanese, etc
2. Western food like American, Italian, etc
Question 7 of 7.

Which of these love languages makes your heart flutter?

1. Cheers you up with his lame jokes
2. Treats you to your favorite restaurant

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Which of the Bloodhounds Male Leads Is Your Ideal Guy?

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