Which of Hani’s Characters Would Be Your BFF?

An idol turning as an actress has been an ordinary career journey in the Korean entertainment. Ahn Hee Yeon or better known as Hani, has taken the transition to a somehow curvy direction by fetching the not-so-typical depiction of female lead roles. She’s has been embracing the daring, empowering and modern women portrayals. And sometimes, we just wish that we have at least one of these badass female leads as a BFF to bring the best in our stubborn and less confident selves.

Among the characters that she played, who do you think you'll find easy to get along with? Who among them will be your best friend forever? Find out through this quiz.

Question 1 of 5.

Will you cry on your BFF’s wedding day?

1. Hell yeah!
2. Maybe
3. Definitely not!
Question 2 of 5.

Your favourite activity with your friends

1. Drinking
2. Binge-watching dramas
3. Karaoke
Question 3 of 5.

A Birthday cake for your friend!

Question 4 of 5.

You are the type who

1. get into fight with your friend
2. stand in the middle between a fight
Question 5 of 5.

You’ll likely give this case to your friend

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All 5 questions completed!

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Which of Hani's Characters Would Be Your BFF?

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