Which NewJeans Song Should Be Your Life’s Anthem?

With quirky retro style, doll-like visuals, honey sweet voices, and bops that stick with you for days (or weeks or even months), it's no doubt that NewJeans' charm is very much addictive, casting us a trance that leave us smitten and on LSS 24/7. 

We listened to their songs and sang and danced along to them; and frankly even with all that we still can't see the end in sight, but, if you were to pick only one NewJeans song that can be your life's anthem, which would it be?

Answer these questions and find out which NewJeans song will reign supreme. 

Question 1 of 7.

How would you describe yourself?

1. Confident
2. Daydreamer
3. Fun-loving
4. Sweet
Question 2 of 7.

Which are you more of?

1. Texter
2. Caller
Question 3 of 7.

Which of these is your favorite hobby?

1. Playing board/video games
2. Taking pictures and videos
3. Doing arts and crafts
4. Cooking and baking
Question 4 of 7.

What is your phone's lockscreen?

1. An aesthetic selfie
2. A casual pic of your favorite group
3. A boyfie pic of your bias
4. A lowkey pic of your irl crush
Question 5 of 7.

Which song lyrics hit straight in the feels?

1. My feelings for you / Like the memories we share / Have grown so big / Summer’s already gone and it’s autumn...
2. There ain’t nothing else that I would hold on to / I hear his voice / Through all the noise / Don’t let go of my hand for one second no, no...
3. Wrote my name right here, / so everyone knows I’m yours / I won’t listen to no one / There’s no one else like you, none ...
4. I’ll run into you like serendipity / Or pass you by like it’s nothing / You’re so fine / Gotta gotta get to know ya ...
Question 6 of 7.

Which of these is your favorite NewJeans-related moment?

1. Streamed their songs, music videos, and other contents
2. Introduced their amazing music to a friend
3. Double-clicked/Heart-ed every social media post they made
4. Started learning Korean to better understand them
Question 7 of 7.

Which bunny are you?

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All 7 questions completed!

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Which NewJeans Song Should Be Your Life's Anthem?

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