Which Kim Soo Hyun Will You Fall for?

He is not the highest paid Korean actor for no reason. Kim Soo Hyun has proven several times that he is worth of every penny and every attention he’s been receiving throughout his career.

Versatility is just one of the most common words you can easily pair with when you describe Kim Soo Hyun. Whether you meet him in a historical drama or in a fantasy series, there is no way you’ll instantly forget the character he portrayed. When you see his journey from playing as a student to a working adult, you can definitely confirm that all the awards he received are just fitting with his knack for acting.

As much as we like him and all the roles he played in Korean dramas, there will always be one “type” of Kim Soo Hyun who’s closest to an ideal guy we’ll fall for. Curious who will it be? Take this quiz to find out which Kim Soo Hyun you will fall for.

Question 1 of 8.

What would you give to your guy to keep him warm?

1. Gloves
2. Sweater
3. Beanie
4. Boots
5. Jacket
6. Scarf
Question 2 of 8.

How would you spend your weekend with your guy?

1. Visit a nearby town
2. Hang out at the beach
3. Fine Dining
4. Go for a bicycle ride
5. Stay home, cook and chill
6. Hiking
Question 3 of 8.

Where do you like to go for your first vacation with your guy?

1. Paris
2. Tokyo
3. New York
4. Busan
5. Shanghai
6. Jeju
Question 4 of 8.

How do you like to meet your ideal guy?

1. While strolling in a park
2. While hiking
3. Bumped into each other in a public transport station
4. While visiting a photo exhibit
5. While attending a workshop
6. In a secluded town when you try to step out for a while from your city life
Question 5 of 8.

Which type of guy attracts you the most?

1. Family-Oriented
2. Kind
3. Smart
4. Hardworking
5. Funny
6. Faithful
Question 6 of 8.

Which food you’ll have for a first date?

Question 7 of 8.

Which sports would you like to try with your guy?

1. Archery
2. Baseball
3. Tennis
4. Bowling
5. Golf
6. Boxing
Question 8 of 8.

Which polaroid photo would you keep to your wallet?

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All 8 questions completed!

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Which Kim Soo Hyun Will You Fall for?

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