Which Kai Album Matches Your Vibe?

With fluid, artistic movements and a voice that can put anyone under a spell, it is true that Kai's artistry goes beyond the labels of singing and dancing. He is a genius performer, no doubt. His presence is hypnotizing and commanding, and too powerful it can reduce our focus to only one thing—him. And this very mastery is embodied in his three masterpieces: KAI, PEACHES, and ROVER. 

From one addictive track to another, we are completely, undoubtedly drawn towards a black hole that is Kai, but which do you think among his albums reflects your personality the most? Answer this quiz and find out which of Kai's albums matches with your vibe. 

Question 1 of 5.

How would you describe your personality?

1. Vivid, striking, and fierce
2. Mysterious, deep, and calm
3. Warm, light, and pleasing
Question 2 of 5.

Which of these pairs of shoes would you wear on an important day?

Question 3 of 5.

Which would you pick as your concert 'fit?

Question 4 of 5.

Which of these popular attractions in Korea would you be the most excited to visit?

1. Nami Island
2. Namsan Tower
3. Lotte World
Question 5 of 5.

Which Kim Jong In character will likely make you fall head over heels?

1. Lee Shin Kyung from "Andante"
2. Kim Eun Haeng from "Choco Bank"
3. Lee Ji Won from "Hary ga Kita"

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Which Kai Album Matches Your Vibe?

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