Which Jack in The Box Song Are You?

Our sunshine has brought us into another world of his love to music through his 2022 album, Jack in The Box. A whole package of experience that gave us an out-of-the-box journey of rediscovering J-Hope as a musician and as the walking hope of Bangtan and ARMYs. He offered us songs more than what we asked for. He burnt our souls and hearts in the most passionate way he could ever do. He gave us equal chances to enter his new sides. We entered in a box full of J-Hope’s surprises and we easily found ourselves loving each corner and flip of his songs. But, there’s always a side that has pulled as the strongest after listening to Jack in The Box. Do you know which song has the tightest pull to your musical beat? Find out in this quiz!

Question 1 of 5.

Which door would you open?

1. Something with glass
2. A plain white one
3. A bright-coloured one
4. A rustic one
5. A black wooden one
Question 2 of 5.

How would you love attending a concert?

1. With my friends
2. With a co-fan
3. With my family
4. Alone
Question 3 of 5.

Which of these adjectives best describes you?

1. Courageous
2. Hopeful
3. Adventurous
4. Ambitious
5. Compassionate
6. Passionate
7. Generous
8. Carefree
Question 4 of 5.

Pick one!

Question 5 of 5.

Which BTS member's works suit your musical taste the most?

1. Kim Seokjin
2. Jeon Jungkook
3. Kim Namjoon
4. Kim Taehyung
5. Park Jimin
6. Jung Hoseok
7. Min Yoongi

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Which Jack in The Box Song Are You?

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