Which Celebrity Character Are You?

In a world of glamour, fame, and influence, how can you keep your morals? Celebrity introduced us in the ever-growing world where social media fame equates to having influence. It seems to be a dream of many without seeing the scenes behind every perfect portrait.

In this series where dreams, popularity, power, friendship, and romance collide, who do you think you’ll be?

Question 1 of 6.

Which do you prefer?

1. Working behind the camera
2. Being on camera
Question 2 of 6.

Which watch would you buy?

Question 3 of 6.

Which flower are you?

Question 4 of 6.

Which bag would you carry in an important day?

Question 5 of 6.

Which do you prefer using when connecting with colleagues?

1. Instagram
2. LinkedIn
3. Twitter
4. Facebook
Question 6 of 6.

Which Park Gyu Young?

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All 6 questions completed!

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Which Celebrity Character Are You?

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